Video: Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw Discusses Contract, NLCS Loss

Clayton KershawThe Los Angeles Dodgers entered free agency with holes to fill via free agency, but it’s contract extensions for Clayton Kershaw and Hanley Ramirez that many believe should be their main priorities.

Already this off-season, Ramirez has stated publicly that he and the Dodgers are discussing an extension as he was grateful the organization took a chance on him after his terrible ending in Miami. However, the lack of communication between the Dodgers and Kershaw is unnerving to many, especially with speculation that he turned down a $300 million offer during the season.

Kershaw will be back in 2014 and it sounds like the lines of communication haven’t been opened so far during the off-season. Already this winter, he and his wife Ellen traveled to Africa to continue their incredible humanitarian work with their charity, Kershaw’s Challenge.

However, he’s set to appear in an interview with Graham Bensinger on NBC Sports Network and a lot of the conversation looks to be centered around his contract and how he’s dealing with the NLCS loss.

Here’s the promo for the interview set to air this weekend:

Ross Gasmer

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