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VIDEO: Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig Stars In Hilarious Commercial For Trendy Butler

Yasiel Puig has absolutely put on a show so far in the NLDS.

He’s come through with clutch hits in big moments, regardless of his spot in the batting order. His relentless effort to take chances has resulted in extended opportunities after extra base hits, and he’s obviously going to keep playing hard on the defensive end.

Puig has suddenly settled into that primetime role that the Los Angeles Dodgers always envisioned he’d be in by making the most of that opportunity, and embracing the fact that he’s the star of the show in the clubhouse.

The production speaks for itself, from an analytics standpoint, but enthusiasm and joy for the game is at an all-time high. He’s finally having fun again, and it’s positively contagious towards everyone enamored with the Dodgers organization. Opponents may not appreciate the antics, but the Dodgers faithful certainly enjoys it and find it entertaining-to say the least.

There are definitely some players on the roster that might shy away from circumstances like Puig’s, but the limelight is an important factor that fuels his game. The Dodgers are Hollywood’s team, and Yasiel Puig certainly has the characteristics of an individual that is built for that type of environment.

There wasn’t much doubt about that previous notion before today, but his new commercial appearance for Trendy Butler, a company that delivers the “freshest clothes” to your doorstep every month at a reasonable price, definitely solidified it!

It’s actually a pretty funny commercial and concept. The one minute advertisement claims that Puig is too busy focusing on winning a World Series title so he needs a butler to not only create his wardrobe and brush his teeth, but also keep up all day and have fun.

Check it out, and see why Puig and his awesome butler are a must-watch!

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