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Vin Scully, Ross Porter Team Up for A Charity Lunch

October is Bullying Protection Awareness Month and a couple broadcasting greats are teaming up to help finance the movement against bullying.

This, via Ross Porter on Twitter:

Bullying is an extremely serious issue as so many have dealt with it and the after-effects can last years after the actual bullying takes place. That’s without mentioning the physical harm children can endure at the hands of bullies.

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It is really cool to see such a huge name like Scully donating time personally to this cause and is yet another example of what he means in this area. This obviously isn’t to say bullying is a Los Angeles-centric issue; it obviously affects people all over the world. Scully attaching his name to this is a great opportunity for a lucky fan and and even better opportunity to benefit a hugely worthwhile issue.

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