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Dodgers: Kris Bryant to LA Called Bold Prediction by MLB Writer

This sounds like a broken record at this point, but the Dodgers have not made their big move and have not pounced on the market yet. They were relatively quiet on the free agent market, only inking right-handed reliever Blake Treinen to a one-year, $10 million deal.

While free agents are still available, it appears that the Dodgers will only be in the market to make marginal moves. In the trade market, it seems as if all of the Dodgers’ talks have stalled, namely with the Cleveland Indians.

The Dodgers still have just over $37.5 million in estimated space below the 2020 luxury tax threshold and there is no doubt that they will put it to use. According to a recent column by Anthony Castrovince of, that space could be utilized on Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant. Castrovince provided a list of 20 bold predictions for the 2020 season and linked him to Los Angeles.

Here is the direct mention of the Bryant-to-LA link by Castrovince.

It’s not enough that there is public pressure on the Dodgers to do something significant (they did win the National League West by 21 games, after all), but there really does appear to be some internal inclination toward a significant improvement to the roster, and Los Angeles has plenty of young controllable assets to entice a Cubs team hellbent on improving its future financial and talent forecasts.

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The Dodgers could certainly use Kris Bryant for some right-handed balance in their lineup. However, the Cubs will likely not trade Bryant until his service time grievance case is resolved. It could mean the difference between one and two years of control for the star third baseman, which in turn changes his trade value.

A deal for Bryant was a topic discussed earlier this off-season. Here’s one excerpt from the article.

Much like with a potential Mookie Betts trade, the Dodgers have a surplus of what would make sense for the Cubs in return: young, cost-controlled players who can contribute immediately. Chicago has far too much talent to engage in a full-on rebuild, meaning they need cheap youth to keep the team competitive while saving them money.

Overall, if the Dodgers could acquire Kris Bryant, the off-season could quickly shift from a huge missed opportunity to a big win for president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman.

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Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. It’s not happening at all. Mainly, I am not sure Dodgers want to wait for that grievance hearing to determine remaining years of team control. But FO has not been willing to part with any top prospects so this is yet another in a long line of rumors, stories that will not happen at all.

    1. Just because a trade has not been finalized doesn’t mean that the two teams have not already negotiated a deal; one deal if there is only 1 year of team control, a different deal if there are two years. Bryant has averaged 5 WAR in his MLB career. If he is only a one and done player then teams could negotiate a trade for 5 WAR; two years 10 WAR – a huge difference in the players going to Chicago. Cubs need a centerfielder and if there are two years of team control the Dodgers may be willing to part with Alex Verdugo, but they are not going to give him up for a one year rental.

      1. I think you’re 100% right. If the decision isn’t made by the start of spring training they might also make the trade w a player to be named later, a low level minor leaguer if it’s one year and someone better if it’s two.

        1. Correct, the PTBNL later trade. Since there are 6+ weeks before teams report to spring training both teams would likely prefer a clean deal up front, but the PTBNL is an option. And Bryant isn’t the only option for a RH hitter to balance the lineup

        1. Bryant would be a fine addition, AZUL, but I just do not see it happening based on past performance of our FO. I hope I am wrong. Bryant, a RHB, would be perfect at third, and would allow JT to shift to first. With Muncy and Seager rounding out the infield, a trade for Joc or Verdugo might ensue. This bears watching, but I am of the mindset the Dodgers will not do a deal. Go Blue!!!

          1. What about a sign and trade? Does that have any value in a situation like this or do the major league contract situations make this another red herring?

  2. Agreed Paul! Bryant is a stop gap defensive player that hits in the clutch and for avg. He would fill 2 problems for probably less than 20 mill per year! Friedman could platoon Like and Turner and Munch at 3 rd for about the same. And would have to probably give up Gonsolin and Verdugo . All of this would cost Friedman a couple thousand dollars in the long run drastically cutting into the profit margin. Some Clubs have answers, and the Dodgers just have excuses!

    1. LOL Outstanding, KIrk. The concern was and maybe still is Turner’s regression defensively at 3rd. Bryant is OK defensively and can also play in the OF and is a RH power bat this team needs. However, as I said before, all the teams in talks with Dodgers have told them no Lux, no deal. Bryant could actually be dealt to another team and the Cubs probably would settle for less in return. That is how it works these days. Your last sentence of course is right on, meaning :
      Some GMs have what it takes
      And Freidman just has excuses!!!!!

      1. “Friedman just has excuses!!!!” Going to the World Series in consecutive years when they had not been there since 1988; averaging more than 100 wins per season over the last 3 seasons; keeping the Dodgers very best prospects while putting together one of the best rosters in MLB — Friedman needs fans’ gratitude, not criticism. Were you one of the fans who wanted Friedman to trade a couple of top prospects for Pittsburgh closer Vazquez who will likely never again play in MLB? Did you forget the great trade he made for Manny Machado at the deadline in 2018 — was that one of the deals for which you think he is offering excuses? Do you want to trade Friedman for the cheating Astros Jeff Luhnow? After all, his team was able to win a World Series.

        1. You might forget the Dodgers were division winners for three consecutive years before Friedman arrived. He inherited most of the players that have contributed to the club. Additionally we play in arguably the weakest division in baseball so they are expected to win the division. One of the glaring weakness over the last few years has been the bullpen which Friedman has tried to fix on the cheap, unsuccessfully. I’d trade Friedman for anyone who actually does something impactful and does what it takes to win a WS instead of making countless excuses and empty promises, year after year.

          1. @ Casey
            So Friedman gets credit for nothing?
            Dodgers win it all this year. Does he get any credit for that? Or does the previous ownership?
            There is nothing Friedman can or will do to make any of you whiners happy.

        2. Actually no I was not one of those fans that wanted Lux to be traded for Vazquez. Mos fans mentioned that getting some type of BP help at that time was what the concern was. No, I would not trade Freidman for that Astros GM and speaking of them, if MLB was doing due diligence the Astros would be stripped of their WS and 2017 then should be null an void of any winner. My main issue is with Roberts, and after game 5 of the NLDS the fans at that game ended up booing him for several reasons in regards to how he manages the pitching staff, not only last year but since he’e been here, and especially in October.

        3. It is nice to see you posting. I appreciate your reasoned point of view. All the negativity gets demoralizing at times. Maybe that is why you are not here more often because I know how much you love baseball.

          1. Lol so it is you Ducky. Nice try lying the other day. Btw, the cold hard truth isn’t supposed to be rosy. It can be demoralizing.

          2. The Pirates asked for Lux at last year’s deadline for Vazquez and I am glad no deal took place. most Dodger fans simply wanted the BP to be improved heading into October.

      2. Seager to 3rd, lux at short, Muncy at 2nd, turner at first. That’s the plan if they dont make a trade.

        1. That may happen. And it could work, but a right handed power hitter is still needed in either the infield or the outfield. But at this point, I think the Dodgers need to use that extra cash under the luxury tax threshold to get another established starter who can make it into the postseason and be effective there. A one year rental would be fine since May, Gonsolin, and/or Urias would get in the necessary work during 2020 to be frontline starters on 2021. To fill a spot at third or short you want more than a one year rental, especially if you have to give up a top prospect.

  3. I figured you would agree!! Lols..Maybe one of these days Friedman will be visited by Pee wee , Jackie, Campy, the big D , in a dream and realise we the fans are the ONLY reason he even has a job! Until then I guess we just get to keep hearing excuses as to why he and his manipulators keep pulling the rug out from under our feet!

  4. A deal for Bryant makes more sense than Lindor or Betts. The latter two play for teams that have legitimate playoff chances “as is.” Their teams are throwing their names out there only to see if they can make a killing. If they don’t get overwhelmed, no deal. Say what you want about Friedman but he doesn’t overwhelm nor should he.
    Everyone talks about the NL East but the NL Central might even be closer. The Cubs “as is” are facing stiff competition from St. Louis, Milwaukee, and even Cincinnati. They didn’t make the playoffs last year and it’s questionable if they can in 2020. Given their financial situation, they have to make a move. Bryant’s in play for young affordable pitchers.
    Bryant plays both OF and 3B and is not particularly great at either. For the Dodgers, he would project in LF and 3B when Turner rests.
    No way Boston or Cleveland cave for a fair deal – they almost can’t – so Bryant is the move that needs to get done by both parties.

  5. Kirk and Paul – Friedman has NOTHING for which to make an excuse. He deserves fans gratitude for building rosters that have taken the Dodgers to two World Series, and averaging more than 100 victories a season over the last 3 years. Since 1988 which Dodgers executive team has put together teams to get to the World Series? NONE!

    1. Getting there and winning one are two vastly different results. Being happy just to get there a couple of time in 30+ years means absolutely nothing.

      1. HOGWASH! The post season is a crapshoot with the best team seldom winning; few years ago two wild card teams played in the World Series — what a joke!. Give me a team that consistently plays well and regularly gets to the post season anytime over those teams that mortgage their future and have to tank for a couple of seasons to get back to the playoffs. Friedman and staff has done a terrific job and deserve to be told “thank you” not degraded by ungrateful fans

      2. The Braves went to 5 WS out of their 14 straight Division titles. Only won 1 time. They’re still the best team of my lifetime. We’ll win a WS if we keep winning Divisions. Just like the Nats, the luck will go our way.

      3. Amen David. It seems the “aggressive” Friedman is totally satisfied to win the division and watch his team falter at the end.

        1. How did you know Friedman’s note book says that exact thing.
          #1 Task Every Year
          Make a team that can consistently win 100 games, the division, but don’t sign or trade for those specific players to watch team falter at the end!
          Friedman has some nerve. lol
          You all are losing it.
          Friedman Derangement Syndrome

          1. Go away company man. And your little Political comparison to the Dodgers is stupid

    2. Bum, since 1998 the Lakers have won 6 championships! I’m like Magic and Kobe, who believe there is nothing worse than getting to the finals and losing! The only reason, ” only” reason to lace them up each season is to win a championship period! Jordon, Lebron, all of the greats only shoot for championships. Since 1988, the Cards , Yanks,Marlins,Giants,Red Sox,Twins,Blue Jays , to name a few have won multiple championships. Your infatuation with Friedman’s 100 win seasons and 3 World series losses deserve nothing! Every GM can build a roster, that’s their jobs! Building a winner is the GM that Deserves accolades. I don’t recall anyone riding in a Limo and the city closing down the streets for a ticker tape party for losing 3 World Series and winning over 100 games! Get real!!

      1. All of that has nothing to do with Friedman and his baseball operations team. They have assembled one of the best rosters in MLB after the last three owners neglected the team and made horrible roster decisions. I repeat, Friedman deserves fans appreciation for returning the Dodgers to prominence in MLB in five seasons. Saying that he is making excuses while Ignoring what the Dodgers have accomplished in his tenure because the team has not yet won a World Championship is failing to give credit where credit is due. Except for a couple of poor decisions by Dave Roberts, and likely cheating by the Astros under the “leadership” of Jeff Luhnow, the Dodgers would have won the 2017 World Series.

        1. Typical losers excuses! If Roberts did this!!! Who hired Roberts!!!????? And the Astros cheated!!! Well the Dodgers should have cheated more!!!! All you are doing is excusing Friedman!!!!! if this, if that!!!!!! Hers a old one bum… ” if the Queen had Balls, she’ d be King!!

          1. “‘The world is made for people who aren’t cursed with self-awareness’
            Annie Savoy-Bull Durham

            you forgot the ALL CAPS Honey. Do better next time

        2. SoCal, I have been a fan since 1965. And I often heard Vin Scully talk about how the game is perceived by most fans and that is’What have ya done for me lately”.. By that they mean 2019 and even Freidman himself expressed disappointment for what the LH hitting lineup did and played in the NLDS.. So what have I been reading on most blogs lately? Writers saying how Freidman and Dodgers have basically done zero after being bounced again in the PS and to make it hurt, 3 consecutive PS eliminations on the Dodger’s home field. That’s what hurts. But you are correct about 2017. It doesn’t however take away those poor decisions by Roberts you mentioned and those have been taking place since 2016 PS.. But in 2016 I do give Roberts a pass being it was his first year as manager and he wasn’t the one who assembled a roster that basically was inept against LHP and was last in NL in almost all offensive categories against them.

          1. Friedman is smart when it comes to trading prospects and FA signings. He knows what they need, but also will not over spend in cash or prospects for the “win now mentality.” His thought process is long term and I think that’s what a lot of the people upset with his lack moves can’t understand. It’s odd to me that fans think something is going to change and continue to complain about it. It’s not changing people!

          2. Vin Sculley stating fans complain ” What have you done for me lately” does not mean he endorsed such. He never said that was his personal opinion.

      2. You can only use the “rebuilding season” so much. If the Dodgers did like the Giants ove the last 10 years, I’d quit watching. I want to win in the Regular Season so I go to bed happy and so we can take our turn in the crapshoot at the end of the season.

    3. You are dreamin’ or smoking something. You don’t reward not succeeding by doing the same thing you have always done. Anyone knows that only gets you the same thing you have always gotten… NO WORLD SERIES VICTORIES FOR 34 YEARS. If that is all you want. Then you will be one of the few that is happy.

    4. No executive team has inherited the prospects and massive amount of dollars (Think TV deal – $350 million per year) as he has and yet operates as if he still runs the Rays. If any Dodger GM of the past had his resources they would have won several WS by now. Given his assets, the weak division and lack of post-season success, you would have to judge his performance as mediocre, at best. Of course there are some of you who don’t mind that we were ousted in an elimination game, at home when we were up 3-1, in the seventh inning either.

    5. SoCal
      I applaud the 7 straight PS appearances. But in the game I have heard Vinny say this on many occasions about the team and games; “What have ya done for me lately?’ Meaning, and maybe the $$ was way out of bounds but after a 3rd straight PS elimination on their home field, I guess I was hoping for a more productive Winter response because most do recognize that a few holes need to be filled and haven’t been , albeit yet.

      1. “DO what you’ve always done, get what you’ve always gotten.” It’s Friedman’s and Walter’s DNA. They won’t change now. Its “business.”

  6. As soon as the cheap Division Success and the $100M Dodger Stadium Improvements TRANSLATE to a $3Billion + Franchise Value it will be GOOD RIDDANCE to GUGGENHEIM!!!!!

        1. Could not compete with big money corporations when he sold team; nothing has changed. No doubt Guggenheim Baseball Partners will sell the team, just a matter of time and the right offer

        2. Koufax and Drysdale held out for $100,000.00 annual contract when O’malley owned the team. Is this the same big spending O’Malley you are talking about.

          1. Only the Yankees spent big back then ducky. It’s a different game now stop playing the fool

  7. Where are all these Dodger acquisition rumors coming from? They are all wrong and all with no basis. Just a bored guy with a computer, lots of time to kill and a big imagination.

  8. As a Dodgers fan since 1962 (who witnessed Kirk Gibson’s historic homer at the ’88 Series), I’ve enjoyed the winning and positive vibe since McCourt’s exit. Yes, losing the World Series twice in succession and getting bumped out early a few months ago was disappointing. However, 28 teams don’t make the World Series each year and 29 don’t win it. As frustrating as awaiting the acquisition of a big-name righty and sifting through the endless trade speculation can be, let’s not lose sight of the excellent team we follow and the excitement it brings us.

    1. Does anyone remember what horses finished second to Secretariat in the Triple Crown I would fathom you could ask 10,000 people and none would name “Sham” or “Twice a Prince”. Why? Because they finished second. not because they weren’t good race horses. They were good enough to finish second. Twice a Prince will be forever linked to losing to Secretariat in the Belmont Stakes by 23-1/2 lengths, The greatest deficit in Triple Crown race history. That is why teams should compete, to win it all, not to finish second. But not the Dodgers. They would rather make money than win the whole thing. How sad,

  9. Hartland is right , all these rumors , nothing is going to happen.. expect the same team and daily lineup changes ..

  10. Kirk and Paul holding down the fort against SoCalBumMentality. Btw you can’t ban me DN nice try

    1. So Cal Bum is right! But you are so negative you only see the bad. After reading all your negative b.s. I really wonder why you read these articles at all and what team you are really a fan of. Probably not a fan of anything except your own sarcasm.

      1. You nailed it on NODH. Definitely not a Dodgers fan, only reason for commenting is to incite, and harass legit Dodgers fans.

          1. I realize the ‘What have ya done for me lately” is not Vinny’s personal opinion. However most fans and media operate with that mind set. I believe CK and other Dodger players currently on this roster have voiced their views in regards to being sick asnd tired of hearing and viewing the 1088 Gibson HR and reruns of that WS, meaning to most of them and a lot of people that is getting a bit old since 1988 is now 32 years ago.

      2. @Dodgerdan
        Think that could go to a couple people on this site. Maybe it’s time for some folks to take a break. Friedman is not changing his ways. Friedman is not going any where any time soon. This is how it’s going to be people!

        1. “Maybe it’s time for some folks to take a break. Friedman is not changing his ways. Friedman is not going any where any time soon. This is how it’s going to be people!“

          That attitude is how fascism and dictatorships rule the populace

  11. Most of us want the World Series but there’s a strange group of people who have literally admitted that they only care about the regular season because it gives them nightly enjoyment and are under the false belief that the playoffs are dumb luck and give no credit at all to the guys that went out and got it done.

  12. If Friedman is so dead set on only using prospects that come up through the Dodgers farm system that’s fine, but at least draft or aquire right handed power hitting prospects into the farm system so you can advance them to the big team later. Seager, Bellinger, Verdugo, Lux, etc. are all success stories, but they’re also all lefthanded hitters. Hello Mr. Friedman, there are right-handed hitters in baseball too, and as a rule they do better against left handed pitchers. Get some in your farm system.

    1. Correct on that Dodger106W. I recall back in 1991 when it was another year that the team was too left handed that every team in the league threw as many LHP at the Dodgers they could get their hands on. And in 1991 Dodgers fell short of qualifying for the PS. One LA Times writer said during that year that maybe Dodgers should just eliminate the right hand hitter’s box, LOL

  13. Most of us want the World Series but there’s a strange group of people who have literally admitted that they only care about the regular season because it gives them nightly enjoyment and are under the false belief that the playoffs are dumb luck and give no credit at all to the guys that went out and got it done.

    1. Don,
      The folks satisfied with regular season wins actually work for the Dodger’s PR Dept!

      1. Tim, like NODH says. Why would this site try and ban someone? Because most of us don’t agree with money ball. Its never won jack, and Friedman and Kasten keep pouring it down our throats. The true definition of insanity! I have noticed as you’ve pointed out, that all of the sudden a barrage of new posters show up here and all are apologists for the greed of the money ball con men. My advice to the writers is you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it! There’s no doubt that the Dodger pond has been pumped full of truck loads of water, only problem is the water they bring in is the water no one else drinks because its alka—– Lie !!!!!!!!

        1. So true Kirk! I think it’s the folks who embrace the “Every one gets a ribbon; there are no losers.” generation that are satisfied with Friedman. Can you imagine telling Drysdale or Gibson that they should be satisfied with just winning the division?!! Ha! They’d kick you in the rear and chase you out of the clubhouse.

          1. Casey, your absolutely correct I replied to Don with what was meant to tell you! Go Lakers!

          1. Lol you probably cried on the phone like a little girl as a usual. I’m back though so deal with it

      1. Lol “unethical” what a nerd. So you were the one who cried on the phone. Didn’t work though

  14. They should have signed Rendon! They blew it! He was the prize. They still need another starter. Everyone else has made moves to improve. I am still waiting, getting grayer and grayer. Should have gotten Wheeler too!

    1. How could they sign Rendon? He didn’t even want to play on the team.
      But somehow Friedman’s fault right?

      1. No, but the ‘alleged’ Hollywood life style, to which I don’t quite get. The mind set of Freidman and Roberts as far as the shuffling of daily lineups and positions to the extent they have done just might be a deterrent for some players. I think some see what takes place with these match ups and lineup changes every time a LHP goes against might be another reason some players don’t want to be here. But as we also know, the top FA’s and other players will gravitate to where the most money is as well.

        1. Until we hear from Rendons mouth what he meant by his statement everything is just speculation. I would like to know because it could help answer a few questions about players mindset and signing with the Dodgers. Generally it’s always about the money. That’s why we won’t be getting any big name over payed FAs our way because Friedman won’t do it.

  15. SoCalBum
    Love the fight, but you’re wasting your time with the Friedman Hater Crew. Apparently Friedman should be on this site taking their advice. The FHC know exactly what is needed to get that ring that is so easy to win. Dodgers win the championship this year, they’ll complain that it should have been the 2nd or 3rd instead of the first. Best comparison is the Democrats hate for Trump. Nothing he does is ever good enough. There’s a clear line between the FHC and the other side that’s grateful for a winning team that consistently makes it to the postseason. No amount of talking is going to convert one side to the other. The FHC, just like the Democrats, will talk down to us(the deplorables) because somehow we’re the dumb ones for appreciating what we have. We will continue to root for the Dodgers, go to the games, and enjoy the start of every season because we know we have a great chance of making it to the postseason. We won’t demand boycotts and hate on a successful business that is providing a winning team every year. It is going to be awesome starting the season as is, and taking it all!
    Go Blue!!!!

    1. Sorry buddy, it’s not just the Democrats that hate Cadet Bone-Spurs Trump. Here’s a 60+ year Republican who detests that scumbag.

    2. Snowflake dreamer. The Dodgers won’t be taking anything except another playoff elimination

  16. everybody is worried about what we don’t have lets look at what we do have. behind plate start with smith and ruiz let them both stay at big club and prove themselves we may find its a small gold mine back there. 2nd base give lux that position and see how he does. shortstop is seager and he will have a awesome year. 1st and 3rd split between muncy , rios and the red head they will get it done. keep taylor as infield and outfield backup. outfield they say we have an abundance I ‘m not so sure. we have belli either in center or right, Pederson inleft or right against right handers and a big question mark in Verdugo; whose back is still not right that is a major concern. Pollack who showed absolutely nothing last year. that’s our outfield not solid at all. starting pitching I would go with 6 not 5 and tell them I expect 7 innings each time out. the 6 buehler,kershaw, madea, urius,gonsilyn, and may. bull pen is what it is. this is what we got and is it enough to go some where?

      1. Don your so correct! Everyone gets a trophy mentality! They see a West Division flag flying at Dodger stadium and that’s their World series! No kidding if Drysdale Gibson, Jackie Robinson saw that these guys accept 2 – n – d place finishes as a organization, they wouldn’t have even played here. I truly see nothing but wasted year after wasted year for these progressives! They want to be so correct and innovative with platooning sabermetric new age baseball, they forgot fundamental basics that the game won with for 100 years! The sole reason this team fails when it counts is because they don’t have enough players that can execute basic hit and runs, bunt sac , squeeze plays, especially when they absolutely have to, like the World series. Friedman doesn’t want scrapper 300 hitting contact hitters, he likes 220 left handed home run hitters! This team leads off with a double and doesn’t score way too often! Its painful watching hot hitters being sat down because of what hand a pitcher uses! Modern shifts that could be destroyed by laying down bunts with no player covering ,3 rd!!! Are you kidding me? This is Friedman and money ball,this is the progressives stupidity! I’d love to manage against any of these Friedman lovers here, I’d score one run every inning using fundamentals mentioned here and win every game 9-3. After they hit 3 solo homers and struck out 15 times!

        1. You make a point… How many times do we get beat in the shift? Many of those balls gotten while in the shift might have been caught anyway so is the shift really strengthening your defense or creating holes for good hitter to exploit? Ask Washington. They beat the shift last year whenever they needed to in the playoffs. I believe the shift helps you against dead-pull hitters but that is not everybody. Great hitters can handle the bat and with those guys, you play them straight up and take your chances. Just ask Anthony Rendon… Oh yeah, HE’S AN ANGEL NOW!

  17. Championships IS WHAT IT’s ALL ABOUT!
    That’s why we talk about a players/teams window to win one. That’s why it’s being mentioned more often about Kershaw’s, Turner’s & Jansen’s closing opportunity to win a World Series. Division titles are nice, if you like kissing your sister. Championship trophies, rings, parades, banners, being number 1, etc. are what we all want!
    No participation trophy here!

    1. Steve, I truly hope Kenleys health is is improved! Maybe he can pull a Verlander ” as Verlander was throwing 93 and choking against the Giants in the World series” then miraculously goes to the Astros and hits 98. Kersh had his chances. Probably goes down as one of the best regular season pitchers ever, but a very poor post season performer! Turner I truly feel for! He always performs well, great Dodger! Its a shame they didn’t win for him! FO is to blame for never getting enough top tier hitters to make them have to pitch to him! They could always pitch around him. Machado was the perfect fit, but the FO wouldn’t pay him. I’m just grateful we have the Lakers in L.A. where Jeanie Buss goes all in to win Championships for the fans! The Lakers decided that star power wins Championships, not their G league players and draft picks alone! Now that the Nat’s just signed yet another top tier player, and will get either Bryant or Donaldson to replace Tendon, they will represent the National league once again. Each year they sign top tier players and veterans.

  18. How about the wasted $ for foreign players and only getting suspended from large signings the next year?? Let us mention all the rag arms he signed as free agents too!!

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