Why Dodgers Fans Love: Cody Bellinger

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a great core of players, and a talented roster. That’s why Dodgers Nation has decided to run a ‘Why We Love’ series, featuring some of your favorite Dodgers players. Our third installment focuses on possibly the most popular current Dodgers player. In this today’s post we focus on why we love the Dodgers youngest star, Cody Bellinger. 

It will go down in the annals of Dodgers history as one of the greatest seasons the franchise has ever seen. In 2017 – as a rookie – Cody Bellinger set the National League record for home runs with 39. When he took over for an injured Adrian Gonzalez on that April 25th night good things were expected. However, no one had Bellinger penciled in for a four-plus WAR season and a .933 OPS that would re-write the record books.

Selected in the fourth round of the 2013 MLB Draft, Bellinger has always had a high pedigree. Bellinger is second generation talent; his father Clay played on several of the Derek Jeter Yankees teams that won World Series titles in the 1990’s.

Although Bellinger is still very young, you feel like you know what you’re going to get just some 200 big league games into his career. This is a player who figures to be a cornerstone in Los Angeles for a very long time. Equally important, Bellinger seems like the perfect Southern California ballplayer. He plays the game with a relaxed style and never takes himself too seriously. Still, you knew the first time you saw a ball hit 400 feet via that launch-angle swing; Bellinger meant business.

Without reservation, here are the reasons he is beloved in Tinseltown.

Why We Love Cody Bellinger

This one is a particularly special post for me to write. Indeed, Bellinger started out my dad’s favorite Dodger. Quickly, it’s possible he’s become mine. Last summer – it seemed like every time my dad came to my house to watch the Dodgers, Bellinger homered in a big spot to win the game. For my dad to take notice of an individual player at his old age was really special for me. What’s neat about this is that Bellinger is young enough that once my dad is gone – my son who is two could still be enjoying Cody in his prime. This brings about a larger principal about the game of baseball. Baseball is a game of father’s and son’s (and daughters) and parents and children; and it bridges that gap nicely. Sometimes if a player is special, they’re able to do that all on their own.

The obvious is that Bellinger has one of the best natural left-handed power swings I’ve seen in watching the game for 30 years. Seeing him in the box is a lot like when I watched Ken Griffey Jr. as a kid. It’s not a time to go get a drink or use the bathroom because you could miss something really special. Few players command that type of attention.

Why Love You Cody Bellinger




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  1. He’s adorable, talented, one hell of a defender, yeah he has his slumps, but who doesn’t. He always finds a way to get out of them and can hit the crap out of the ball. Has a beautiful swing and will do nothing but get better over time. He should be playing first base all the time!!!!!. I’ve been a Dodger fan for over 40 years now and Andre Ethier was my favorite Dodger, but Cody is right up there. Cody just change your walk up song:(

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