Yasiel Puig Makes Cousin Jump In Pool After FIFA Loss (VIDEOS)

Yasiel Puig

Shortly after the Los Angeles Dodgers’ season came to an end, Yasiel Puig was part of the MLB All-Star team that participated in the Japan All-Star Series. Although the MLB team lost the series, Puig had a few individual highlights, which is more than he could say after the 2014 All-Star Game.

Since playing in Japan, Puig visited Las Vegas for the first time — documenting some of his experiences on his Instagram account. Of the players who use Instagram, Puig has shown a natural knack for posting pictures or videos that are both entertaining and offer insight into what the Cuban defector does in his spare time.

On Saturday, Puig posted a series of videos of him playing FIFA with presumably friends and family members. The final two videos included someone who Puig refers to as his cousin jumping in a pool as part of a bet for losing in FIFA.

In the final video, Puig calls on multiple people to check on the person who jumped in the water, with one of the names he mentions Onelki Garcia. The left-hander was drafted by the Dodgers in 2012 and made his Major-League debut in 2013. He missed last season due to injuries and was claimed off waivers by the Chicago White Sox in November.

Courtesy of Puig’s Instagram are the videos of his cousin taking a quick swim:

A video posted by puigyasiel (@puigyasiel) on

Onelquis García en socarra miren a mi hijo en la piscina a esta hora y eso q tu sabes que el es un gato

A video posted by puigyasiel (@puigyasiel) on

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