VIDEO: Yasiel Puig Frightened By Thunder In Miami

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While all but three of his Los Angeles Dodger teammates were resting over the All-Star break, Yasiel Puig was in Minnesota fulfilling media responsibilities, and participating in the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game.

Puig didn’t meet the expectations in his first trip to the All-Star Game, but said he wasn’t disappointed and simply would do better in future years. At the conclusion of Wednesday’s game, Puig was off to Miami, according to his Instagram account, with the opportunity to rest before resuming play this season.

In one of his latest Instagram posts, Puig provided a glimpse into what startles him. As is often the case with weather in Miami during this time of year, rain was falling, which led to Puig recording a video asking whether or not he should go swimming.

After quickly panning across his backyard, thunder is heard and it’s followed by Puig apparently screaming out of fear:

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