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Yasiel Puig Shuts Down Keith Olbermann On Twitter Over Bat Flip in Game 1

Yasiel Puig has turned into one of the biggest sensations in Major League Baseball during the 2017 postseason.

Puig’s electrifying energy is fueling the Los Angeles Dodgers towards a run at competing for the World Series, and it’s provided a certain spark that his team needed entering the NLCS. That confidence, and veteran experience, has helped him put together an incredible postseason stat line (.467 batting average, .529 OBP, seven hits, six RBI’s, two doubles, a triple and home run).

He’s also a huge playmaker on the defensive end out in right field, and is capable of executing unbelievable fielding relays. As the game progresses, he embraces moments when the Dodgers need hits at the bottom of the order. This was the case in Game 1, and he delivered huge extra-base hits when it mattered the most. This guy is special, and his presence is providing a spark for a clubhouse that’s carrying themselves with some swagger in the playoffs.

Puig hit a powerful home run in the bottom of the 7th inning off of reliever Mike Montgomery, after smiling, and chuckling when Montgomery’s first pitch seemed like it was outside the strike zone. However, it was the sequence at the plate against Jose Quintana in the 6th inning that caused GQ’s Keith Olbermann to lash out against Puig’s antics on Twitter.

Olbermann, unlike many others, was not happy about seeing a bat-flip after Puig hit a double. Many baseball fans that are used to the way things are done traditionally aren’t used to that, but it happened, and Puig simply didn’t apologize for what transpired. In fact, he even kept the party going on Twitter after the game by tweeting this hilarious post:

After seeing what Olbermann had posted during Game 1, Puig sent this epic response:

The response from Puig was awesome, and it goes to show why his presence on social media makes him one of the most popular players in the game today. Olbermann had no choice but to accept Puig’s invitation to Dodger Stadium, and apologized for causing a stir on Twitter.

It’s safe to say that Olbermann accepted his defeat to Puig on Twitter last night, but Chicago hasn’t done that. Let’s hope Yasiel Puig’s success continues this postseason because the Dodgers still have seven wins to go!

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  1. Does Olderman actually receive a paycheck from someone? He makes me ill anytime he speaks.

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