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A Massive Bubble Temporarily Delayed the Dodgers Game vs The Tigers

They say you may see something new every day you go to the ballpark. On Wednesday, that was definitely the case.

Early in the Dodgers vs. Tigers game on Wednesday, there was a temporary pause due to something flying over the Dodger Stadium outfield. While many of us initially expected to hear about another drone — something that has delayed Dodger games before — this time, that wasn’t the case.

Joe Davis spoke in awe as a pretty big bubble flew over the Dodger Stadium outfield, before popping in grand fashion. You can watch the hilarious video here.

The cameras also caught James Outman yelling to the infield that the unknown object floating above the outfield was, in fact, just a bubble, and that play could continue.

The delay didn’t last long, but the fact that a blown bubble has the impact to temporarily stop a baseball game is hilarious in and of itself.

Hopefully no more bubbles fly over Dodger Stadium this year, but if the Dodgers go on to win this game, we may have a new rally bubble … no, let’s just save that for a postseason game.

Photo Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Noah Camras

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