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Angels Agree to 7 Year Deal with Third Baseman Anthony Rendon for $245M

The Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim and star third baseman Anthony Rendon have agreed to a 7-year deal worth $245 million, according to Jon Heyman and Jeff Passan.

Earlier today, Ken Rosenthal reported the Dodgers were not optimistic about their chances of signing Rendon.

The Dodgers have now struck out on acquiring one of the top free agents available for the second time in as many days.

The Angels were desperate to make a splash in free agency and they certainly have with this signing. Rendon is one of the best players in baseball and will team up with the best player of all time in Mike Trout.

If the Dodgers still want to do something big, it will have to come via the trade market. It is reported that the Dodgers are in talks to acquire Fransisco Lindor from the Indians. They could also look at Rockies’ third baseman Nolan Arenado or Cubs’ third baseman Kris Bryant.

Blake Williams

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  1. He gone!
    I thought Rendon was the only FA that had a chance wearing blue because of the talks he was open to a shorter term contract. Time for the chatter about a Lindor trade.

    1. Dodgers 0 for 2. Didn’t mind missing out on Cole too much, but losing Rendon is huge. This was a free agent season where you had to be fast (unlike last year). I don’t know if the Dodgers were aggressive enough.

      1. Dodgers 0 for 2. Didn’t mind missing out on Cole too much, but losing Rendon is huge. This was a free agent season where you had to be fast (unlike last year). I don’t know if the Dodgers were aggressive enough.

      2. Yeah, will be interesting to see what the Dodgers offered. Looks like a trade is the only thing that’s left for anything big. See what happens.

  2. Dodgers’ front office needs a big change of way of thinking because the analytics way is not going to get us a World Series

  3. At least the Dodgers are consistent. Their MO is to make an offer to a big time free agent knowing all along they won’t accept it. When Harper or Cole or Rendon eventually signs with another team, Dodgers management shrugs their shoulders and says to the fans, “Well, we tried.”

    A variation of that situation will occur with the Lindor scenario. “Hey, we tried but darn it, the Indians just wanted too much.”

    The Giants will break the bank to keep the Dodgers from signing Bumgarner. So LA will be stuck with Alexander, Jansen, Hernandez, Seager, and the usual suspects. For goodness sake, do something different!

  4. No worries, we signed Blake Treinen (?) to a one-year deal. That solves everything, World Series in the bag! s/

  5. Same old cheapskate Dodgers, who will let a relative pittance (in baseball terms) allow the losers across town to ink the guy that they really need. I am sick and tired of seeing this team come up short in the bidding every single time. Now they’ll either have to overpay for Lindor, or end up trotting the same core out there (that has been failing in October for years). I was ok with losing Cole, because no one should give a pitcher 9 years, but this is just outrageous. The Angels are complete losers, and play in an unwinnable division. There is nothing more remotely appealing about that franchise than the Dodgers, and LA should have paid whatever it took to get this deal done.

    1. You say that now about the Angels but they have made some major changes that will completely alter the face of the Angels in 2020.

  6. If Cleveland wants Lux and May for Lindor they’re nuts. If you throw Kluber in maybe. Looks like Muncy will be next third baseman unless Cleveland softens up.

    1. Agreed.
      I would say no to Lux and May for Lindor and Kluber. Kluber is good for one year and who knows what you’re going to get. I would rather watch May pitch for us than one year of Kluber and stick with Seager at SS.

  7. Sheer arrogance by this team. Keep trotting out the same playoff failure team

  8. No surprises for me. When you keep lending the car to someone with 10 DUI’s, why would an 11th be a surprise? We will still be at close to 4 million for tickets sold in 2020. Why change?

  9. F.U Andrew Friedman! F.U, YOU CHEAP S.O.B!!!! Bargain basement shopping for “already spent, has-beens” is NEVER EVER GOING TO WORK!!!! I’m done! You not getting one red cent from my family until either you do something worthwhile, or the owners are smart enough to fire your sorry ass!!!! ( My family not going to games, buying gear, etc won’t even be an afterthought to the organization, but I’ll have the pleasure of knowing I’m not supporting a “forever mediocre and always falling short of expectations due to cheapness and stupidity” sinking ship!!!!!) 24 hrs from now you see they signed Jose Conseco to a 10 year deal for $50 and a Red Lobster gift card. ????

  10. All the Dodgers do is talk..Want the fans to think they are actually trying to land the big one. Nolan Arenado should be the priority now. Local guy with all the tools!

  11. Tried of Friedman and all the lack of action. This team missed the boat again. Might as well go see the team on the other side of the 5 play.

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