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Dodgers, Indians Remain in Serious Trade Talks for Francisco Lindor

The Dodgers and Indians “continue to be engaged in serious trade talks” regarding all-star shortstop Francisco Lindor, according to Bob Nightengale.

The Indians are seeking a package that includes top prospects Gavin Lux and Dustin May.

Lindor, who turned 26 last month, is one of the best and most exciting players in baseball. He is a career .288/.347/.493 hitter with a 119 wRC+ and 27.2 wins above replacement over 717 games.

He is projected to make $16.7 million in arbitration this season and has one more year of arbitration left, making him a free agent in 2022.

The cost for Lindor won’t be cheap, as Nightengale reported. It was previously said that the Dodgers have been turning away teams who are interested in Lux. Soon after Cleveland was reportedly hesitant to move Lindor.

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Nevertheless, it’s hard to believe the Dodgers would be willing to meet that price, but if they do, they might request the Indians include a pitcher in the deal, such as Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco, Mike Clevinger, Shane Bieber, or Aaron Civale.

If the Dodgers do acquire Lindor, it would make sense for them to move Corey Seager to third base, with Justin Turner at first base and Max Muncy at second base.

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    1. Hey Paul, Andy already said this team doesn’t need anything. So don’t worry my friend they already whiffed on Cole and Stras, now after the whiff on Rendon it will be strike 3 Dodgers are out! It’s just what Friedman does………

    2. AZUL, unless Lindor will extend his contract, he will be with either another team or remain with the Indians. I also read that we are still negotiating with Hill for his return. Am I dreaming this? PD Jr. could make far better deals than AF and the FO. Go Blue!!!

  1. @PaulDodgerFan1965 – you are right….there is nothing wrong with waiting a couple more years to see of these kids pan out to be as good a Lindor is today.

  2. Forget Lindor, he’s good, but not that good compared to what we already have.
    I ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    And definitely not creepy spoiled brat, trouble maker Betts, also over rated.

    1. Turner needs to move to third with or without Rendon. Unless you want to move Muncy to third so Lux can take second. You need another left side infielder. Rendon is best because he’s a pure right handed hitter, but Lindor’s switch hitting ability at least give some balance even though he is much stronger from the left. Lux is an excess left handed hitter. So is Pederson. The Dodgers night right handed power. Betts would provide that.

    2. Friedman, is that you?
      No titles since 1988 for a wealthy team in the second largest market in the country means “its broke.” 106 reg season wins compliments of the Padres, a bad Giants team, and the Rockies don’t mean crap in October, does it?

  3. If the Dodgers screw up the Rendon aquisition, Lindor and Kluber for Lux (and lesser prospects) becomes really big.

    1. Agreed.
      Got a question. Have you or anyone heard Seager’s ok with moving to 3rd? I can’t say I have seen him play 3rd as a Dodger.

  4. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” The last World Series Champion banner at Dodgers Stadium has moss growing on it. It’s broke my friend.

  5. “No” on any trade for a position player. Nobody they could get would be sufficiently valuable over who they already have. They had a chance to improve with money and blew it. It was free agent or bust and Friedman busted. They should trade Seager now while he still has value and play Lux and SS and Muncy at 2B.

  6. Do not trade Lux. He has unlimited upside and could be as good as Lindor, maybe better. What about Joc? Chief Wahoo could use some power.

  7. and will we see another dumb azz move by this screwed up management??.. If Roberts is involved in amy way.. i think we will he is desperate to win a championship…but only intervention my god will that ever happen…. the man is a loser!!

  8. Stick a fork in Roberts. He’s the cheapskates fall guy after they cave this season. Easy out for Kasten and Friedman to place blame on something other than their loser cheap philosophy. Support the lakers you guys, they are kicking tail with their big spend, big market philosophy. Actually spending our money on a Championship! ALL in!! Thank You Jeanie buss!

  9. I will leave ya with this..make an effort to sign Donaldson. yes he ‘s a bit older than Rendon and besides just $$ and a unknown draft pick who may never pan out, he won’t cost top prospects. And Donaldson would be WAY cheaper than Rendon.

  10. Would like to see Bryant (Cubs) at 3rd if Blue can arrange a trade for some prospects, Hard to push Turner out since he is solid at the corner. Maybe put Bryant at 1st and keep JT at 3rd?

  11. Giving away Lux will come back to haunt the Dodgers!! This kid has an amazing unlimited ceiling!! This kid is Pete Rose with power! And Ruiz will be a better hitter than Smith! The Blue drafted two power hitters who will be ML ready in 2 years! A 3rd Basemen and an OF/1B. If May learns to pitch and not throw he’s a #2 starter! You have to have a big extension ready if you trade for Lindor! His contract will be a big thing . He’s going to have to get big bucks to stay!!

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