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Are the New Lights A Disservice to Dodgers Fans Watching on TV?

One of the biggest announcements that had fans hyped heading into the 2023 season, other than player news of course, was the brand new light system that the club had installed into Dodger Stadium. Already one of the most iconic locations in all of sports, your Boys in Blue are now showcased in new lights for the first time since 2008.

When big plays are made, the Dodgers have been able to wow the crowd with custom light shows powered by LED installments.

However, not everybody has been too happy with LA’s newest stadium perk. In the season opener against the Arizona Diamondbacks, the staff was still getting adjusted to using the system during a live game and the lighting changed at some important moments down the stretch.

The Diamondbacks’ coaching staff and players were not too pleased following the game so the Dodgers made sure to apologize for their mishaps.

“The light situation, we’re going to put it behind us,” Torey Lovullo said. “The Dodgers, in a very professional way, came over and apologized to us. I thought some of the comments yesterday — I had a list of texts this long this morning — might have been a little tone deaf. But I think the Dodgers did a great job of trumping that and apologizing. So, we’re good.”

Via Jorge Castillo, LA Times

However, the criticisms do not end there. Some have been vocal on social media about the visual experience watching the game at home. The feeling is that when the special effects come on, it’s not the best experience.

The season has just started so it will take the staff some time to get the hang of things. Hopefully, they hear their fans and guests and work to give everyone an A-1 experience like always.

What are your thoughts on the lights? Have you been to a game yes? And if so, sound off about your experience.

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