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BREAKING: Dodgers’ Regular Season Start Will Be Delayed

The bad news for Dodgers fans keeps rolling in. In an effort to keep the coronavirus from spreading any further, the league already canceled Spring Training. And now, it looks as though Opening Week is going to be pushed back as well.

It was already announced that Spring Training was going to be cancelled, but the news about Opening Day took a toll on Dodgers fans. Many took to Twitter to talk about the sadness surrounding the issue, but most were understanding as to why it was necessary.

If the league is pushing the season back two weeks, that would put the estimated Opening Day for the Dodgers at April 9th. Not a major delay, but there is also not a guarantee that it will only be two weeks.

Major League Baseball is the latest major sport to cancel their operations, joining the NHL, NBA, and MLS. Teams in the NFL have already begun to remove personnel from facilities as well, though they do not anticipate a change to their schedule. 

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  1. If this is really as big a thing as it’s being made out to be then it’ll be a lot longer then 2 weeks. Half the season could be gone. Good news is last time the season was ruined and resumed the Dodgers won it all in ‘81. However if it lasts too long then the whole season will have to be canceled as it wouldn’t be fair with too small a sample size of games

    1. I actually called something like this happening a few months ago but it wasn’t a virus pandemic it was a strike I said this would happen because the Dodgers were following the 90’s Braves pattern of losing back to back World Series and then getting eliminated in the playoffs after a great season so the next thing to happen would be a canceled or shortened season like in 1994 followed by a championship. The prophecy is coming true and we’ll win in 2021

  2. How can they say opening day is pushed back 2 weeks? That is so arbitrary. What will change in 2 weeks? If they plan to play in empty stadiums then what’s the point of delaying the season? And how will it be determined when it’s safe to go back to normal? Do we all wait 18 months until there is a vaccine? Somethings not right.

    1. What’s not right is they are depopulating society the new world order is beginning their plans with this. Ever see the movie The Purge? Society will be forced to start living like that soon when there’s nothing left to buy at the store

      1. And the Vaccines will have chips in them. 5G will then be capable of knowing where everyone is at all times. And even more evil will be at their fingertips. Can’t wait to see what happens to Newsome when he starts forcing vaccines on Americans…

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