Countdown: Clint’s Top 10 Dodgers Nation Posts of 2018

Here we are to the end of 2018 – what a year it’s been.

I signed on here at the end of January. First, I had a conversation with our owner and leader; Mr. Gary Lee. All I wanted was an opportunity to use my paintbrush on the canvas. As I look back on the year, I’ve been given a lot more than that in return.

If you’re someone who likes writing about sports – or especially baseball – there’s really no better place to do it than right here. The reason I say that is you have the creative freedom to write whatever you want. When I look back on my material, I have had the chance to put my signature or spice on it. In fact, my ‘voice’ has been encouraged more than any idea or prompt.

I want to use this post to thank MGL as we call him – and all of you out there who see this. You are Dodgers Nation. All of you are why we do what we do. I have had the chance to not only gain my friends who write at this site each day but a number of you on social media. One of our readers even invited me to a World Series game. What a ride it’s been.

As we inch towards 2019, here is a list of my ten favorite posts of 2018. I hope you enjoy the look back through the scrapbook.

Clint’s Top 10 Posts of 2018:

  1. Is This Pedro Baez’s Last Chance In Los Angeles? [Link]
  2. Dodger Blue Rock Bottom (Dodgers Early Season Struggles) [Link]
  3. Why Dodgers Fans Love Yasiel Puig. [Link]
  4. An Open Letter To Cody Bellinger. [Link]
  5. Charley Steiner Mixes Up Max Muncy With Joc Pederson. [Link]
  6. The Week I Met My Dodgers Nation Crew. [Link]
  7. Dodgers Win Game 163. [Link]
  8. Cody Bellinger’s Game 163 Bomb. [Link]
  9. Guaranteed Victory – Game Seven of the 2018 NLCS. [Link]
  10. Dodgers Advance to 2018 World Series. [Link]

Again, a huge thank you to all of you who read our stuff, followed me on twitter, or left a comment. Keep listening to Blue Heaven Podcast and checking in on the site each day.

The plan, is to keep evolving. To keep telling you a story each day of the Dodgers in our own words. With a great staff in place that has endless passion – great things lie ahead. Thank you sincerely for an amazing 2018 I will never forget as long as I live. It’s been an honor.

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