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Dodger Dog Meat Packing Facility Experiences Outbreak of COVID-19

It might be a long time until we’re all able to enjoy a Dodger Dog at the stadium together, but that might be for the best. A report came out this week that the facility where Dodger Dogs are made has experienced its fair share of issues with the coronavirus. 

The Farmer John meat packing plant located in Vernon, California is responsible for the production of Dodger Dogs. had a large number of employees test positive for COVID-19. Since April, at least 140 cases of positive coronavirus tests have popped up within the facility. The company is also experiencing high numbers in positive tests at locations throughout the nation. 

The Dodger Dog is one of the most popular food items sold at games, and are even available for purchase in most grocery stores in Southern California. Farmer John is responsible for a large majority of the hot dogs produced at the Major League level, as well as across minor league baseball. 

The facility has advised that management has taken a number of steps to ensure the safe processing of food, although details were limited. Regular temperature checks, the installation of plastic barriers, and free virus testing have become a part of daily work at the Vernon location. 

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  1. Maybe you should parentheses around “Dodger Dog” in the headline. When I first glanced at it, I asked myself why the Dodgers would have a dog meat factory.

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