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Dodgers News: A Baseball Start Date is Getting Clearer, MiLB Hurting, Zoom Party 2, and More!

As tired as we all are of hearing about these proposed ideas and circled start dates for the 2020 baseball season, we still desperately want the return of our beloved Dodgers.

While not every source is as reputable as the next, Jon Heyman is a guy with connections that would absolutely have knowledge of ongoing conversations inside the wild world of MLB. As such, Heyman pointed to a date fans could potentially mark on their calendars.

On Wednesday, signs that things are in the works came into the picture when a minor source dropped a rumor that player agents received word that the Minor League Baseball season will likely be canceled. That was a mouthful…

With MLB aiming to maximize the number of games played before winter 2020, fewer off days and multiple doubleheaders getting mixed in seems to be in about every proposed plan that has been leaked to media sources. A fair assumption would be that in lieu of the MiLB season, major league rosters would expand by several players, which helps cover some minor league players, but nowhere near enough.

Ultimately, ESPN’s Jeff Passan negated those rumors, but it seems like that might be just the type of thing that a “league spokesman” would do.

Next, on top of the minor league season likely being nixed, this year’s Hall of Fame induction ceremonies were officially canceled.

Thank you to Bob Nightengale for the quality screenshot.

In other Dodgers news, after the success of the inaugural Zoom party, the club announced another party will be held next Monday. The process seemingly will be the same as the last time, however, there’s hope that the internet situation will be much better.

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