Dodgers Fans React to Dave Roberts Decision to Pull Kershaw

The Dodgers had a great day on Wednesday afternoon. That bats came alive, the weather held up enough for them to get the win in, and Clayton Kershaw was vintage. He struck out 13 batters and did not allow a single baserunner in the process. But that decision to remove Kersh from the game has sparked quite the controversy.

Given that he was 80 pitches in and had thrown 7 perfect innings, that controversy isn’t going anywhere soon. The Dodgers skipper made the call to play it safe and take Kersh out. Naturally, fans were pretty upset with the decision. 

On the flipside, there were some Dodgers fans that were understanding of the decision. There was no guarantee that he would’ve locked it down, and even Austin Barnes had noted that the stuff was ticking down at the end of his appearance. 

Other fans leaned on Kershaw for their answer. The southpaw said after the game that he agreed with the decision and that ultimately, he would’ve liked to have finished it out. But he just wasn’t built up to that point yet. 

And while it’s not fun, there were fans that had to bring up the Hanley moment. That’s not two perfect games that Kershaw was robbed of in his illustrious career.

So what do YOU think? Did the Dodgers make a mistake by pulling him out after 80 pitches with all of the information you know now? Drop into the comments and let us know what you think about it. 

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  1. no one will learn.. I have said it for 3 years now.. this man is totally worthlesss… he can do these tottally unprofessional things.. and yet he is still here…so…put up with him… upper management thinks he is the best!!!!

  2. It’s amazing how fans disregard what Kershaw himself said about the decision both came to agree to.

    1. Most fans only want instant gratification. You are a rare fan that makes sense. With Kershaw pitching for the first time since his elbow injury, and the Dodgers so short on quality starting staff, Robert’s hands were tied, and he had to think about saving the entire season. Roberts has been the best Dodger manager this team has had, and to prove it, look at his winning percentage. I can’t help but think there is discrimination going on in how some fans are so critical of him. Roberts, like Jackie Robinson, quietly and with dignity accepts the abuse.

    1. Apparently we can’t get rid of Roberts the Clown until we get rid of Andrew Friedbrain.

    2. Guy micro manages every player….thinking alot if guys don’t to play for a guy like this.. throwing bullpen games in august…during a pennant race…also sitting superstars in a pennant race

  3. Think back. Over the past 4-5 years, how many quality post-season performances has Kershaw delivered? One, in 2020. What was unique about that year? It was far shorter than a full season. Kershaw was spared the stresses (and typically, injuries) of a grueling 162-game schedule, and he still had plenty of gas in October. Bam. Solid post-season, and the coveted World Series ring. Kersh ought to be shut down around June and given time off. Let him recharge his batteries and recuperate, then bring him back late August or so for the stretch run. May help, may not, but it’s almost inevitable he’s gonna miss time otherwise, and potentially be sub-Kersh come crunch time. I have never been a big fan of Roberts’ management of pitching, but I don’t fault him this time. We still got a loooong way to go. Easy does it.

  4. What is it about my fellow Dodger fans? They are never satisfied. If the Dodgers don’t win a world series every season, or their closer has an over 2.00 ERA all hell breaks loose. As one of the apparent minority Dodger fans, I realize that Kershaw’s first start was delayed because he would have only gone 3 innings. They only expected him to go 5 at the most in his delayed start. He went 7 innings, with the last 2 innings under the stress of keeping his no-hitter. Personally, I am grateful Kershaw is still a Dodger (after all the flak he gets from fans) and, I am grateful he can even pitch after his elbow injury. And, I am grateful he can still pitch like Kershaw after that injury. I am completely in support of Robert’s decision. With the Dodgers so short right now on quality Dodger staff. Roberts made the right decision to secure a longer-lasting Kershaw, a winning season, and a pennant race. I have also noticed that fans never criticized white Dodger managers so brutally.

    1. Are you serious? You obviously didn’t follow the team when the fans ran Donnie Baseball out of town. All he did was win 3 division titles in a row without nearly the talent available to Roberts. Roberts does a lot of things well and makes some bonehead calls like most managers. Nobody gives a damn about the color of his skin.

  5. It’s hard to argue with the decision to pull Kershaw, but the one thing I haven’t heard taken into consideration was, what was best for the fans and the legacy of the game. Perfect games have happened 23 times in the almost 150 years they’ve been playing this game. Baseball is struggling to compete with the other major sports so was this a lost opportunity? All that being said I understand why Roberts made the decision.

  6. This is a team sport so you do what’s best for all. The perfecto wasn’t a sure thing. Kershaw took one for the team. After all, what does he have to prove. He’s a future HOFer, the 2nd best Dodger hurler of all time(and that’s up for debate) and his career is not over yet.

  7. Roberts was right. Fans who are upset are just selfish, they just want to see something special in their lives. But it is not about Kershaw, it is not about Roberts, it is not about giving the fans something to brag about. It is all about winning the World Series, and this move shows that both Roberts and Clayton are on the same page there.

    1. 1. If Kamoss is talking about Kershaw, (the second greatest Dodger pitcher ever) as it appears, HE is both worthless and stupid.

      2. The only thing Kershaw really wants is another WS title, not a perfect game, which he knew he had years ago, except for Hanley Ramirez error.

  8. I think Dave Roberts is one of least competent managers in major league baseball.

    But I think he did the right thing in this case.

    Kershaw has had health issues for several years now; his body is not getting any healthier or younger; and even throwing 80 pitches in his first start may have been too many.

    It’s better to play it safe now than to risk further damage to a staff that nobody knows at this point how good or deep it will be.

    History will record Clayton as one of the best pitchers EVER in the game. A perfect game would have been nice, but not at the risk of injury to the “old” guy’s arm or other parts of his body.

    He’s too valuable this year to the overall team to take that chance.

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