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Dodgers Security Facing Lawsuits Over Violence Against Fans

In the middle of a Dodgers season, the last thing you want to hear about is a lawsuit being filed against the team. Unfortunately, that’s what we’re bringing you on this Wednesday afternoon. This information comes via The LA Times’ Hayley Smith.  

According to the report, the Dodgers security team had three lawsuits filed against them this past week in Los Angeles County. The lawsuits allege that there were acts of violence against multiple fans during the 2021 season. The lawsuits outline 3 separate incidents from that season. 

The Dodgers currently use several different methods to enforce rules and safety regulations among fans. That includes off-duty police officers as well as “non-sworn persons”, per the court documents examined by the LA Times. 

“There’s a point in time when the Dodger organization has to step up to the plate — no pun intended — and be responsible. They need to change the culture of bullies.” – Plaintiff’s attorney Peter diDonato 

In one alleged incident, two Dodgers fans were asked to exit their vehicle by security officers. One of those fans said that he was assaulted by the two security officers dressed in dark polos, presumably not wearing badges. The plaintiff’s lawyer adds that they believe it was done without provocation. They also added that fans questioning these security members who are not dressed as police officers have become a problem for them. 

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Another incident listed in the court documents details an LAPD Dodgers employee taking the phones away from a group of fans.  As of right now, the team has not responded to the lawsuits being filed, at least publically. 

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