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MLB News: Minor League Season Will Be Officially Canceled

MLB will get things started with their season, and fans are very excited about that. But it also does not take away from the harsh reality that the MiLB baseball season will be called off. 

The news has not been made official by MLB as of yet, but that announcement is expected at any point today. Baseball America is reporting that the minor league season is officially dead but pending the announcement. 

So what does this mean for minor league players in 2020? Well, for players not in an MLB’s team player pool, it means a whole lot of uncertainty. Foreign winter leagues become an option for later in the year, though it’s likely those leagues will fill up quickly with the demand for reps. Players have the option to play Independent League baseball, but even those have dwindled. 

Other than not being able to play baseball in 2020, the worst part is the lack of financial compensation. MLB teams could decide at any moment to cut off a player’s $400 per week stipend, leaving them without a source of income. These players are not protected by a union and face a real possibility of teams deciding not to pay minor leaguers, like the Oakland A’s already did. 

Long term, who knows that the minor leagues look like. There were already a bunch of teams that were possibly going to be cut from MLB anyways, and that list could potentially grow without sure sources of income. 

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  1. Not a surprise but still a shame. MiLB players and staffs are like regular working stiffs, and the loss of their jobs really hurts them.

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