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Dodgers Pitcher Dustin May Lands the Perfect Sponsor

[Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story references MSM Sports at Dustin May’s agency. His relationship with MSM dissolved on October 29 and he is now with Paragon Sports International.]

World Champion Dodgers right-hander Dustin May has had himself a productive 2020. It started with an unexpected opening day start for LA in place of the injured Clayton Kershaw and ended with his team bringing home a title for the first time since well before he was born.

Now the postscript to his story has another happy ending. Moreover, the redhead scored the perfect sponsor deal for his offseason.

Yes, the man they call Code Red scored a bunch of Code Red from Mountain Dew and Pepsico. No word yet on whether Dustin gets a lifetime supply of the infamous soda or if we can expect to see him in any commercials or promotions soon. But it is great to see that award winning mop he calls hair pay off!

Maybe it was all that chatter from Joe Buck and John Smoltz during the postseason that put Mountain Dew over the edge on this partnership? 

In fact, Dustin’s representation Paragon Sports International and his agent Craig Rose saw the perfect connection and secured the deal. May’s relationship with Paragon started just after the World Series and it appears to already be paying off.

Last shout out goes to Mountain Dew the love for this Dodgers’ World Series champ!

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  1. I’d hold out for Red Bull. You could have baseballs sprouting wings as they zoom past hitters at over 100 mph with sudden changes in directions.

  2. This is off the subject. The Dodgers want (and need) a right handed power hitter in the line-up. There is one available but with a few caveats. This one would have to have grown up, accept responsibility, and grow an IQ into double digits (probably impossible). He is a fan favorite and has a lot of ability. Of course I’m talking about Yasiel Puig. Imagine what a line-up that would be for the Dodgers with Puig batting fifth or sixth. And, as long as I am ranting, the Dodgers maybe don’t need Lindor. Let’s put Lux at his original position —- shortstop (at least try him there). Move Cory to third and let Justin go (regrettably) or hopefully resign him. Just a rant.

    1. Lux HAS been tried at SS, that’s what the minor leagues is for. He apparently has some shortcomings at short and second besides not hitting well enough in his brief major league appearances.
      They do have some other prospects for second base but probably a yr or two away. DJ LeMajue at 2 yrs and $30 mill would be a great short term addition. That would enable a trade of Lux for a reliever or prospects.

    2. where does Puig play? I like Lux but if he struggled at 2nd, I wouldn’t put him at short and I wouldn’t but Seager at short, I migh let Turner go but bring him back as a DH and go hard after Lindor and Bauer. While we’re at it doesn’t Machado owe some fan 30 million?

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