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Dodgers: Alex Verdugo Talks About His Back and Health

Dodgers outfielder Alex Verdugo made an appearance at the club’s annual children’s holiday party alongside teammates Clayton Kershaw and Matt Beaty. After spending quality time with the kids, Dugie took time with the media to discuss his health in the off-season.

Among his frustrations there appear to also be positive days for the 23 year-old. Those days he’s aiming to stack together. Alex talked about his rehab process.

Taking it day by day with it. We have a good program set forth, it’s just really about stacking together really good days. You know, we kinda keep testing it — keep incorporating more workouts into my routine on a daily basis and it’s just about how I recover and how I come back the next day — if I’m sore, you know, what’s the pain, what am I feeling… I think right now I’m on a good pace of what I’m trying to do.

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Verdugo missed most of the final two months of the season after persistent back issues halted rehab efforts. Hopes were that the outfielder would be ready to rejoin the Dodgers by late September, but a failed rehabilitation effort ultimately spelled the end of his rookie campaign.

Now in December, Alex is still unable to participate in baseball activities, but he is getting in “some workouts.” As of now, he says he still feels some limitations on throws and on swings, but the hope is that core strengthening exercises will help take some of the pressure off his back.

And he’s not rushing the process.

There’s a lot of frustration, but at the end of the day it’s your back and I think anybody who’s had back injuries or something wrong with their back they understand that… with your back every activity… your back helps you with a lot of it.

At the end of the day all I can do is stay positive and be blessed that I’m gaining and kinda going in the right direction. … My goal is going to be starting opening day.

Opening day for the Dodgers is a little over three months away. If healthy, there is a good chance Verdugo is playing center field and leading off for Los Angeles against the Giants. He will continue his off-season rehab spending time split between LA and the Dodgers complex in Arizona.

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  1. 23 years old with serious back issue. That is not a good sign for his future. Once you have back issues, you always have back issues. I hope he makes a complete recovery because the Dodgers really need him in the lineup every day.

    1. I agree Tim. At least with Kershaw he was 30 before any problems, and didn’t have time off last year for back issues. But it’s not something that will just go away over time, with or without rehab and/or strength training.

  2. Go Dugie!!! Keep working hard, Tucson is in your corner! The extended VERDUGO Family are cheering you on!!

  3. We’ve got 2 Tulowitzkis on our team. Seager and Verdugo just wait and see. Guys that almost were great but could never complete a season for the most part. All we can hope is that one of these years they are healthy at the right time and help contribute big to a title but we’re cursed so not likely.

  4. Dont think the team is cursed. Its easier said than done but its about being able to perform in clutch situations. I believe a big part is in putting your team over the top instead of relying on expectations from young talent.

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