Dodgers and Giants Set to Play a Doubleheader Today to Make Up for Yesterday

The Dodgers and Giants decided ahead of Wednesday’s game that the two teams would not play. The move came as professional teams around the country sat out games in protest of the shooting of Jacob Blake by police officers. 

The move was fully supported by members of the team, with some of the leaders addressing media after the announcement. It did, however, make it a little bit complicated just in terms of the logistics of the season. The Dodgers will not see the Giants for the rest of the season after they leave today. Because of that, the two teams are set to play a doubleheader

Under new rules set for by Major League Baseball, the two teams will play a pair if 7 inning games. The league set that new rule this season in an effort to shorten up the inevitable wave of doubleheaders that comes with an already complicated season. The Dodgers and Giants will play at 1:05 PM, the next game’s start time will likely be determined depending on game one. 

The Dodgers are set to send out Walker Buehler and Clayton Kershaw tomorrow during the games. However, it is unclear on who will get what start. Kershaw was the scheduled pitcher for Wednesday’s game before the protest. 

Dodgers Players Stand with Mookie Betts in Group Decision to Postpone Game

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  1. I guess that is one way of calling people’s attention to the problem of inequity. I am part Native American and I know what my people went thru since the arrival of Europeans. Probably much more than some other minorities. I was taught that is in the past, that I need to look forward and work hard, strive for a good education, take care of family and try my best to find a better tomorrow.

    I believe one thing….Americans can do more if we work together as one family and do our level best to help and to respect one another, while trying our hardest to deserve and gain that respect. The Gospel of Mark tells us to Love our God with all our heart and Love our Neighbor as we love ourselves. I hope that last night our professionals took the time to reflect on those thoughts from 2000 years ago and spend some time reading the Book from which they came.

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