Dodgers and Yankee Players React to Players Weekend Jerseys

Obviously, the Players Weekend uniforms have been painful to look at. While that isn’t being debated much of anywhere – interesting stories have surfaced regarding the bland but loud black & whites used this weekend.

For instance, the Dodgers attempted to simply use their traditional (and wonderful) home uniform this weekend. Truly, I admire their failed pursuit of that venture.

Now, in an article by Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports; Dodgers and Yankees players weigh-in with their thoughts on these combinations that are hopefully never heard from again.

Dodgers and Yankee Player Reactions to Players Weekend Uniforms

First, Brett Gardner of the Yankees displayed his disdain by just using his last name on the back of the jersey rather than going creative. Furthermore, Gardiner’s quote on the matter was as plain as what he went with for his nickname.

“The uniforms will be a little bit different. The white looks pretty bright.”

Then there’s the younger Cody Bellinger. Certainly, we know that he likes anything ‘cool’. Except, Bellinger didn’t go int hat direction when asked about them. Instead, he said he wasn’t a fan of the helmets; which are just an odd white color.

“I’m off the helmets. They do look like a damn Q-Tip.”

While not always putting it eloquently, Bellinger isn’t wrong.

Fan & Other Prominent Reactions on Twitter to Players Weekend Uniforms


Of course, that last tweet was listed by yours truly. What’s more, Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone feels the way that I feel. In this case, the Dodgers and Yankees have the two greatest uniforms in the sport. Those should be on display in this historic match-up.

“The one thing I would say — you know, Dodgers-Yankees, I feel like it would be cool that … this isn’t necessarily the best weekend for us,” he said Friday afternoon. “I think having this matchup and to have them in their uniform and us in ours. But that said, I think this is another one of those things, over the course of a long season, that is neat that MLB does.”

Even putting it nicely, Boone isn’t a big fan of these either.

Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts’ Reaction

Finally, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts never seems to say a bad word about anything. Truly, can you remember the last time Roberts had a non-positive quote? I certainly can’t. However, Roberts wasn’t all-in on the Players Weekend uniforms by any means.

Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s not our proudest moment, rocking these all-white milkman uni’s. But it is what it is.”

Roberts is right – milkman is a perfect description for what I’m seeing across the league for the home team. Then, there’s the all black for the away team. Overall, this is like a set of rock n’ jock uniforms (MTV, for you youngsters) and they need to go away forever. With that being said, my opinion is solely mine.

And I would like to hear yours. Does anyone out there like anything about these uniforms? Personally, just do what the NFL does with the color rush combinations in 2020 for all teams on Players Weekend. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Terrible.
    1 . A key part of a rare Dodgers-Yankees matchup is the revered uniforms. These silly uniforms diminished the drama as well as the history. This feels blasphemous.
    2 . The whites look like hospital orderlies; the black like burnt matchsticks.
    3 . Being largely illegible, a viewer was in doubt much of the time as to who was doing what. Sort of defeats the purpose of both numbers and names
    3 . A few of the nicknames are witty. Most are obscure. All feel narcissistic, a poor place to require the players to occupy.

  2. Clint, this player’s weekend uniform debacle IS THE VERY FIRST issue that the Player’s union must bring up during THIS COMING Off season! and for MLB to force this stupid idea on all the these players is beyond me.

    1. Glad you’re passionate about it like me Paul. It honestly stripped each team of an identity, rather than create more of one.

  3. On a scale of one to ten with 10 being the best…. I give it a ZERO.

    If it was really hot out, those black away uniforms will have the players hotter than their milkmen counterparts…. best for a funeral.

    Nicknames on the back are great for kids who don’t understand baseball. There is no longer any immediate recognition of who the players are and when the away team is on the field; give the umpires a glove and there are 12 players on the field. Even with HD TV, wide shots of the infield make it hard to differenciate the umpires from the infielders.

    Zero stars

    1. The whites were the worst part of it. I mixed up non-Dodgers players pretty badly, guys I don’t watch every day. The black uniforms were equally bad in their own way. I just don’t know who signed off on this, so it was probably Manfred.

  4. Totally agree with all the comments ! Simply yuk, what a mistake ! Saw these uniforms Friday nite I could not believe with “ what “ I was seeing.
    Hopefully today’s game will be another battle or we get some big hits ( small ball too ).
    Go Dodgers !

  5. Whoever came up w/the Dodgers uniforms needs their head examined. The Dodgers have the best looking home whites in all of sports. And I could careless about the Yankees.

  6. For Players Weekend I think the MLB website should have had black letters on a black background or white on white.

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