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Dodgers And Yasiel Puig Recognized With Wilson Defensive Awards

Yasiel Puig had an amazing year, both at the plate and in right field. He was a finalist for the Rawlings Gold Glove Award, but lost to Cubs’ Jason Heyward. Well, Wilson did not make that mistake!

On Friday, Yasiel Puig was named the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year among right-fielders. Even better, the Dodgers were also named the Wilson Defensive Team of the Year!

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Unlike the Gold Glove Awards, which are voted on by Major League managers and coaches, the Wilson Defensive Player of The Year Award winners are determined by statistical metrics, using the same “shredder system” seen on the sabermetrics-heavy show “Clubhouse Confidential,” along with input from MLB Network analysts.

The fact that this award is given solely based on statistics, and not on input from managers and coaches, should make Yasiel Puig, the Dodgers, and fans very proud. According to @InsideEdgeScout on Twitter, Yasiel Puig was tied for the highest arm rating this year. He also had a SABR Defensive Index of 9.5, second among right-fielders to Jason Heyward.

As for the Dodgers as a whole, check out how they ranked compared the the rest of Major League Baseball below!

To celebrate, check out these videos that the Dodgers posted on Twitter celebrating Yasiel Puig and the team!

Let us know your favorite defensive play from this year in the comments below!

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