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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Doesn’t Rule Out Dave Roberts Extension Before Next Season

The Dodgers won 106 games in 2021, matching a franchise best set in 2019. Moreover, it was LA’s third 100-plus win season in five years. Dave Roberts has been the manager in each of those seasons, recording a .622 winning percentage in his six years at the helm for the Dodgers.

In short, Roberts is — by all accounts good — at his job. However, he’s entering the final year of a four-year extension signed after the 2018 season. In his business, they call that a lame duck manager.

At this week’s GM meetings in Carlsbad, CA, LA’s president of baseball operations, Andrew Friedman, discussed, among other things, the status of Dave Roberts. Friedman first reiterated something he said a few weeks ago at Dodger Stadium.

“He’s [Roberts] been a big part of what we have accomplished looking back, and I expect him to be a big part of what we accomplish looking forward.”

Then he bought himself time to handle more pressing matters before settling in to focus on Doc’s contract.

“For us, we have a lot of near-term things, with people who we aren’t sure are going to be here, that we’re working through. I’m sure it’s something we’ll have conversations on at some point.”

The Dodgers currently have 12 players from the 2021 team out on the open market as free agents. There are clear needs in the starting rotation that have to be addressed — something Friedman already started with the first free agent signing of the winter on Monday. Beyond starting pitching, LA needs to rebuild a bench and decide how high to go in the Corey Seager sweepstakes.

Dave Roberts is still under contract for 2022, so it’s not an immediate concern. Dave wants to stay here and the Dodgers want to keep him. Why rush?


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    1. IDK for sure but many here most likely are not too thrilled about a prospect of another extension for Roberts. It was a total team loss falling short in the NLCS but Roberts had a huge part of that INHO.

  1. Can we trade Dave Roberts for a bag of Premium chips and a number of kegs of 805 to be determined later, then sign up Mike Scioscia?

    1. And bring over Trout and Ohttani with Scoscia!!! A lot of teams and Free Agents have Factors to address before deciding on a premiere place to play . The Dodgers have the Drrrrrrrrrrrr factor!!!! to consider before joining……

      1. Exactly why I think Max And Trea won’t resign with the Dodgers. Basically AF gave away a couple of our top prospects for rentals with nothing to show for it. True, we do have Trea for one more year but if he doesn’t get to play short and lead off and being juggled around in the batting order he ain’t going to stay.

        1. Max “dead arm” Scherzer and his buddy Trealess ‘Forgot How To Hit the Ball’ Turner, were NEVER Dodgers….but part timers awaiting a really ‘big deal’. The Dodgers are stuck now with a guy that completely failed offensively and defensively during the post game. Albies ran circles around Trealess at 2nd. Now….Seager will be gone, and Trealess will be gone at the end of next year. TT is a mousy type and hasn’t nearly the talent as Chris Taylor. PERIOD

  2. Enough of this clown. He cost us the division and home field advantage with his ridiculous moves during the season. Time for a change!

    1. And the frustrating thing is those pitching decisions and in game moves he blatantly said he would do all over again no matter the result. Of being the puppet that he is, he isn’t alone on all these moves.

    2. Yes he did…and Yes it is…..TIME for A CHANGE!……Time for Dave ‘Stole a base’ Roberts….to look for a job as manager of a Little League Team.

  3. Really???? Guess he likes how Roberts can lose games..they should of won…I have to wonder how many other stupid moves Andrew Friedman will make

  4. Mike Scoscia, as much as I love him, Manager of the Angels from 2000-2018. 3,078 wins, 1,650 loses in 18 years. Dave Roberts, as much as I love him, Manager of “Our Los Angels Dodgers”, from 2015 till now. 542 wins, 329 loses in 6 years. Not sure how these numbers would work out, but I thought I read Mike is not interested in Managing anymore.

      1. Yeah Paul….but at least Beth did do some research which is more than most do. Sure…she had a # wrong but it ain’t worth the correction. Give the lady a break! Or else her brother might just dissect every word that you write ! 😉

        1. True, but most concur on the several lost games his in game lineup and pitching decisions probably contributed to Dodgers not winning division and not having home field advantage. Pretty tough winning 106 games and still fall short in October.

        1. No need to rely to this idiot Beth. He’s got nothing better to do than go after the only woman who writes and is also a Dodger diehard since birth.

        2. Don’t need to correct yourself Beth. Paul just likes to pick on girls..If he continues, he might just regret it.

          1. You’re dead wrong, and I wasn’t picking on Beth at all or anyone else. And I don’t call fellow posters on here idiots. No matter when Roberts got here, most of us feel we’ve seen enough of his poor in game management with lineups, pitching decisions and the like to where we don’t feel he should be extended. BTW, I’ve never referred to anyone as an idiot, except for that heathen Commisioner Manfred.

  5. I really hope that he will be fired. If not, then expect us to miss the postseason all together. This man doesn’t deserve to manage another game of baseball ever again for the rest of his life.

    1. T ball sign up is soon. The league around here is looking for managers. They don’t keep score either. Perfect for uncle Dave

  6. What do you mean “by all accounts”? His line up and in game decisions are awful…

  7. The Dodgers have won in spite of Roberts, not because of him. It is correct that his lineup and in-game decisions were awful and cost the team several wins in the regular season and perhaps cost them a chance to advance to the World Series. Do not extend, do not renew.

  8. Roberts is just an extension of the Friedham himself. He do what master tells him.

    1. They’ll be sure to extend him as it’s going to be hard to find another person who’s willing to be a puppet to the extent he is. The moment someone like a Mike Scoscia is hired is the moment we know Friedman is about to be canned

      1. Good point Don, anytime a real baseball guy that knows how to play situational baseball, knows when to pull a pitcher or ride a hot pitcher , and doesn’t play favorites at the expense of the team shows up, A shake up will be in order. Let’s hope for the DH just in case these NERDS all stay put for another year….

        1. Concur, Kirk. Let’s just first hope there is a season in 2022 to be played. Because we all know that heathen Commissioner and the Union just might keep next season from starting on time or even take place at all.

  9. #firedaveroberts

    He is awful at coaching. Enough of the rah rah, likeability. Get someone who actually coaches.

  10. Agreed. Players don’t want a buddy buddy for a manager. They want a manager who motivates properly and doesn’t make stupid boneheaded game decisions, particularly in the bullpen, and using Barnes as a pinch-batter.

  11. Monkey see, monkey do. In this case it is money see, money do. Roberts is just a yes man to FM, so naturally FM will re-sign him.

  12. Ya gotta agree boys and girl, there’s nobody that enjoys does the slapazz better that DR. That’s the 1st prize for hitting a dinger. Dead Arm Maxey sure didn’t like it!

  13. Wow. I’m not surprised at all and figured the consensus here is unanimous and perhaps depending on what happens in 2022 if there’s even baseball to be played might determine if Roberts would be extended. But sometimes change may be necessary if it’s determined that free agents and other players decide not to want to be here on this team if Roberts is still in the dugout.

      1. IDK but do recall him saying he will post less often.. But it’s obvious most here are in agreement that Freidman should NOT be in any hurry at all to extend Roberts. As I said and know you are fully aware of is Roberts had a huge hand in the Dodgers falling short in October. And my concern is some players are not that anxious to come here and play for a manager and FO that expects players to all be versatile, be in and out of lineups and in different spots in the lineups every game.

        1. Hey Paul, Yeah D4 disappears and a few more show up with the same habits. I’ve been concerned about the longer the Dodgers keep Drrrrrr around, and the same f-ups that he continues to maintain, and players that do want more than just a Big Payday will bypass the L.A. area. It’s a pain with traffic and mass population, and the State reams the money in taxes. Kersh and Seager going to Texas will save them HUGE money and much better Politics. Players seem to want to win and live where their families won’t need secret service….Already plenty goes against wanting to play in L.A., then throw in a cheerleader as a manager, with a ever growing reputation as a Blow it case, and a experimental FO, and things will be difficult retaining players like CT3, Kike’ and Joc…

        2. Paul, I truly believe that uncle Dave’s constant moving players in and out of the lineup and well as the constant juggling of the batting order have led to the decline of offensive productivity as well as the inconsistency in hits ( one day the Dodgers have 10 runs with 10 hits, the next day they have 0 runs with 2 hits). As of us like order and consistency. We like our routine. We drive to work the same route, we go the same stores, we eat athe same time, etc. When we are taken out of routine, we don’t do as well with life. Same with the players. They don’t know if they are going to play that day nor what the batting order would be. Yeah, you can reason that they are “professionals” but we are all creatures of habit. So yes, I agree with you that if I were a player, I’d have reservations about re-signing here or playing here. Man, lots of comments on this thread!

          1. Well said, Dodgerglenn. And many believe Freidman has a lot of say on those fluctuating daily lineups. But again it’s a real factor in the offense being so inconsistent this year. 10+ runs in one game followed by a 1 or 2 run on maybe 3 total his the very next game. And that appeared to be the case all year long in 2021.

          2. Oh geez 1000% this. Most managers stick with lineups that works with the OCCASIONAL mix-up if things aren’t going well, e.g. someone in a slump. Roberts shuffled the lineup more often than not in multiple years even when people weren’t hurt or had production issues. I believe even Rick Monday has said in the past that it was all about rhythm and consistency and you can’t get that when you’re batting 7th one day, 4th the next, then 5th the next.

  14. Doc will be back, with or without an extension. They’ll be enough pressure on him to get the Dodgers to the WS in 2022. He can handle it. No need to win 106 games, as long as the gnats or pods don’t win that many. Hopefully we have a 2022 season.

    1. There was enough pressure in 2021 Joe…..Drrrrrrrrr needs to go. You want a better chance at winning another World series and Drrrrrrrr will implode,,,,, AGAIN……… These players deserve a better baseball manager, Drrrrrr has the but slapping down, they don’t need that……

    2. If DR could handle it, he wouldn’t have caved to analytics and statistics when he pulled Graterol for Avila, who issued 3 walks on 2 outs in game 6, when Dodgers were already down big.

  15. Look what this team accomplishes every year with Friedman and Roberts making things extra difficult. Just imagine what they could do if they didn’t have the added difficulty. We’d probably see them winning championships every year with just the occasional upset vs a Cinderella team

  16. Kelly’s record 2-0 with a 2.86 ERA with 50K’s in 44 innings and can still throw the heater at 100Mph. BRING HIM BACK. He’s a great set up man with a lot of savvy. Love the guy!

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