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Dodgers: Los Angeles Still Interested in Bringing Back Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly has become a fan-favorite among the Dodgers fan base during his tenure with the team. The once longtime rival with the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox stole the hearts of fans with his unique personality. Whether he was mocking Carlos Correa or becoming Mariachi Joe, there was never a dull moment when he was around. 

The Dodgers’ decision to decline his 2022 option and instead buy him out may have come as a shock to some fans. Yet, the move was always about saving money to spend in free agency with so many key guys possibly leaving and never about getting rid of him. In fact, President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman spoke about wanting to bring him back. 

“Joe is one of a kind. I love what he brings to a clubhouse. Awesome competitor. He’s another guy that we’ll very much be in the mix for. He and [his wife] Ashley get to go through and figure out what makes sense for them. We have a lot of balls in the air with really talented players that are free agents.” 

Kelly suffered a bicep injury during game 5 of the NLCS and it was first thought that he wouldn’t be ready for the start of the 2022 season. However, his wife put any such thoughts to rest. 

Joe finished out the 2021 season with a 2-0 record, a 2.86 ERA, and 50 strikeouts in 44 innings pitched. The Dodgers would surely love to retain him again for the future to help solidify the bullpen, especially if Kenley Jansen walks. Yet, it will be up to Kelly whether it’s the right move for his family and if the two sides can come to an agreement. 

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  1. Adam has written what many of us assumed re Kelly and the Dodgers. Hopefully we get him back. the man is worth the price in entertainment value alone…
    Thing I don’t understand though is by the time they pay the $4 mill buyout and piece together a contract with incentives or whatever, he’ll probably end up so close to the $12 million he would have gotten anyway? This one will be worth watching to see how much is actually saved. He’s not irreplaceable, just unbelievable. Great competitor with a personality that this team needs.

    1. I agree. 12M may be high, but since they’re on the hook for 4M already it’s like of like just 8M. Which might, or might not be a little bit high with the Monopoly money deals common these days, but a sure thing.

      Of course in this analytics era players are just widgets not people, but that’s a different discussion.

  2. Memo to Freidman – Kelley is not one of a kind. He is the most overpaid guy on the team, except for Travis Bauer. All three of you should quit.

  3. Well Jim……there are no facts established in any articles published in this website. It is a website built upon getting die hard Dodger fan’s reactions, to possible outcomes, of hypothetical situations. Nothing more, nothing less. It is a website established to keep us fans interested throughout the year in the Dodgers. No facts just hypotheticals……..if you don’t like it….don’t bother reading it…..and NO…I do not work for or get paid any $ to write what I think about these hypothetical situations. I am a Blueblood. Born in LA closer to 70 years ago than 60 years ago. The Dodgers were and still are, the ONLY team in MLB that I care about. None others. This is why I read DN and this is why I comment on their hypothetical stories. Just for fun and to vent.

  4. What are everyone’s thoughts on extending Dave Roberts’ contract to manage the Dodgers? I say, YES!! Bring Dave back. There were times we all questioned his managing, especially of pitchers. But, look at his record here. I mean a 106 wins last season certainly speaks loudly of a great run here. Let’s hear ya’ll……..

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