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Dodgers: Andrew Heaney is Still Weeks Away From a Return

The good news is that Andrew Heaney was able to get a bullpen session in this week. The Dodgers pitcher has been out for a few weeks with a shoulder issue, but he is working his way back. And it couldn’t have come a moment too soon, because they really need his arm back in the starting rotation. 

But the bad news is that the timeline is pretty unclear. After throwing his 15-pitch session on Tuesday afternoon between games, Heaney estimated that is still weeks away from a return. But there were no lingering issues in his session from this week.

Ideally, the Dodgers will need to get him back up to his normal pitch count. The 15-pitch bullpen was just the first step in getting him back into the rotation. So it makes sense that he would still estimate that he is weeks away from a return. 

“It’s just building strength back. Obviously, took off a couple weeks from throwing, so then you’re building strength in the training room, in the weight room, gradually taking that to throwing and building it up.”

Heaney made just two starts for the Dodgers before hitting the injured list. But In those two starts, he was really good. He combined for 10.1 innings of work and struck out 16 batters. He gave up just one earned run in those starts and showed an incredible pitch mix. 

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But the Dodgers need starting pitching, so getting Heaney back has to feel like a priority for them right now. They’re already without Clayton Kershaw and the bullpen has been working hard over the last few weeks. Get him healthy, and get him back in there.

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  1. The Dodgers ought to put Price back into the starting rotation; based on his performance the other day!

  2. I’ll be darned if I would cut him so the cheating Astros or damn Yankees, Gnats, or Padres could snatch him up.

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