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Dodgers: Andrew Heaney Speaks on Last Season’s Struggles, What’s Fueling Him for 2022

The Dodgers once again caught everyone by surprise by inking lefty Andrew Heaney to a one-year deal just over a week ago. Given his struggles in 2021 and a career ERA well north of 4.00, it’s fair to wonder what the team saw in him that garnered giving him an $8.5 million audition.

As usual, however, the Dodgers look at more than just the regular metrics when evaluating their players. They believe in their coaching staff’s ability to help players turn their careers around, and they have the track record to back it up.

Heaney will be a new challenge for this staff, but he seems ready to take it head-on. After his 2021 season ended with being DFA’d by the Yankees at the very end of the season, it was fair to wonder if his time in the majors was coming to an end. Instead, Heaney is getting ready for a new opportunity to revive his career with a team that has a history of helping players just like him.

In a recent interview with SportsNet LA’s John Hartung, Heaney explained how last season’s disappointment would help fuel him in 2022.

I gotta be honest. It was, from a baseball perspective, one of the lower points of my career. Getting DFA’s after getting traded over to an organization like the Yankees making a playoff push, being basically 3 days away from the end of the season, watching those guys hit a walk off single against the Rays in Game 162 to make it to the Wild Card, watching those guys pop champagne while I’m sitting in a hotel room down in Tampa by myself… [it was] extremely disappointing and frankly not something I’m gonna forget. It’s something that’s going to motivate me moving forward.

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While Andrew Heaney has never been an ace-caliber starter, he has the talent to be a valuable piece of the Dodgers pitching plans going forward. Strikeouts have never been an issue for the 8-year veteran, as evidenced by his career 9.2 strikeouts per 9 innings. If Mark Prior and the pitching staff can help him keep the ball in the ballpark, the sky is the limit for Heaney as he officially begins his time in Los Angeles.

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  1. I just don’t understand some of these signings. I hope the front office proves me wrong but i think they wiffed on this signing.

    1. Dodgers should have re-signed Taylor FIRST AND FOREMOST! If Freidman let’s CT3 walk, there will be a price for him and this team to pay. I still contend that Dodgers could miss October all together what with all these free agents supposedly getting away.

  2. Big off season for boy genius Andy. This Heaney signing a real head scratcher. Hopefully he’s not going back to his dumpster diving days prior to the Mookie shocker. This team as it stands with the players liable to be gone, is not championship caliber by any stretch. CT needs to stay. Need a backup at 2nd in case Lux regresses again.Trea needs to be the SS of the future as Seager is history. If the Dh is going Into effect for the NL, I’d love to see either Bryant or Castellanos added. Starting pitching obviously has holes and the bullpen as well
    All on Friedman if this team is going to continue to contend for rings.

  3. Real wish list has Roberts being gone, but don’t think that’s going to happen. Friedman extends this loser and it’s really going to be a very tall task

    1. Managers in the past have been let go on occasion during their multi year deals, especially if it’s determined a new voice and direction is needed in the clubhouse. I have to ask again how a team wins 106 games in 2 of the last seasons and FAIL to reach the WS. And in 1 of those years that 106 win team gets bounced in the NLDS.

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