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Dodgers Announce Multi-Year Contract Extension For Dave Roberts

Love him or hate him, Dave Roberts is absolutely the guy to manage the Dodgers. Doc has led his team to a .622 win percentage, netting 542 regular-season wins since he took over for the franchise in 2016. He has taken the team to 3 National League Pennants and won a World Series in 2020. He’s been the guy. 

Of course, he’s had his fair share of criticisms, as expected with any big league manager. But Roberts has proven that he can be the manager that players want to have in their dugout, and that’s part of the reason free agents love coming out West, 

Today, the Dodgers are set to announce that they have signed Doc to a three-year contract extension. His deal was set to expire after this season, but reports of extension negotiations had grown even before MLB figured out how to end the lockout. 

MLB Insider Jon Heyman was on it first and it was confirmed by beat writer Juan Toribio.

The team is expected to make the deal official later this afternoon at Camelback Ranch.

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  1. Bad move Friedman. He going to cost us games again with his dumb decision making.

  2. Agreed Dodger Prince. Agreed. On a side note, can the writers here, PLEASE stop calling him, “Doc.”

  3. Dodgers waste a lot of money on star players just to make the playoffs.Dodgers standard for winning titles well below Yankees

  4. Owner doesn’t care why dodgers get eliminated or how they loose or worst when all blame goes to manager who has been making dumb moves since 2016 vs cubs.

  5. Kinda odd this should follow article ‘ Dodgers looking to shed salaries ‘. 2026 will be here before you know it.

  6. I assume (and you know what that can do) that Jim Leyland is not available … or alive!!!!!! If it makes anyone feel any better, here in the mid west, Cardinal fans were just as frustrated with two managers —- Whitey Herzog and Tony LaRussa. This is part of baseball.

    1. The true definition of insanity by the FO……Now that Kenley is gone, Beaty gone, Scherzer gone, and the entire pitching staff knowing they’ll be on a spur of the moment, daily on call routine, with Bellinger setting the standard for the #4 clean up hitter leading the league in strike outs and men left on, Drrr is READY!! Ready for 3 more years of all of the above……..

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