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Dodgers: Salaries the Team Could Look to Shed By Opening Day

The Dodgers are now just two weeks away from Opening Day. With so much buzz around camp after the Freddie Freeman signing, that day in Colorado could not come soon enough. But with games on the horizon, the team will also start to look at options to improve their roster. Sometimes that means trimming the fat wherever they can. 

For the moment, the Dodgers’ payroll sits north of $270 million. They still don’t know what is going to happen with Trevor Bauer, but they would be looking to cut down even if he was not a factor. There are really only two contracts that they could look at in order to get that figure knocked down. 

The biggest one that they could move is that of David Price. DP counts for $16 million of salary this season, with just $15 million going towards the luxury tax. The Dodgers lefty has the other portion of his contract being paid off by the Red Sox this year. 

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The biggest question is how they could move Price. If the Dodgers really wanted to, they could package him with a younger player or multiple players in order to land an arm. That could encourage a team to take on Price’s contract because he doesn’t appear to have much of a spot on this team. 

Alternatively, the Dodgers could look to take advantage of AJ Pollock’s big year in 2021 and trade him. Pollock is set to make $13 million this year with an option for $10 million in 2023. That move seems less likely, unless the team is set on getting Gavin Lux extra at-bats this year. The move could also open up a full-time spot for Chris Taylor at a set position. 

But one way or another, the Dodgers are probably going to want to cut down by Opening Day. Its the reason that they did not go after Kenley Jansen after they signed Freddie, and they will no doubt want to resolve it soon. 

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