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Dodgers: Anthony Rendon on Rosenthal’s Mind for LA at Winter Meetings

Last year’s winter meetings were an absolute dud. This year, however, it seems as though the drama can’t even wait one more day to start unfolding. The Yankees have already offered Gerrit Cole a record-setting contract, so you know things are about to get real.

Ken Rosenthal is all-in on the excitement. In a column for The Athletic on Sunday, he gave a few different scenarios about what could possibly happen over the next few days that would make all hell break loose in baseball.

In one such scenario, he has the Yankees signing Cole (which looks closer now more than ever), the Angels signing free agent pitchers Stephen Strasburg and Hyun-Jin Ryu, and Anthony Rendon signing with the Dodgers.

This would likely be a dream for the Dodgers as they get younger at third base and grab the marquee position player on the market. They would also get a bat that has been proven to show up in October, unlike some of their current roster.

Rosenthal claimed that although Rendon has said he doesn’t plan to play past the age of 35, Scott Boras has been asking for a seven-year deal, which would end when Rendon reaches 36. It wouldn’t be cheap, as Rosenthal still expects Rendon to command more than Nolan Arenado’s $234 million extension with Colorado, but the Dodgers have the flexibility to make that happen.

LA only has $16.125 million committed for 2022 for two players: Kenta Maeda and AJ Pollock. Of course, by then players like Cody Bellinger and Walker Buehler will start to command higher value contracts, but the club will still have more than enough room to take on a long-term contract, although Andrew Friedman has shied away from them.

Despite these scenarios, Rosenthal maintains that both Cole and Rendon signing at the winter meetings is “as realistic as Rob Manfred and Tony Clark striking a new labor deal in the hotel bar,” but regardless it should be an interesting week.

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  1. Do it. Right-handed power hitter supreme. Just what the Dodgers need. Outstanding third baseman. Another strong Dodger need. Stand up guy. Leader by example. Harper and Machado got huge contracts last year and Rendon is better than both of them put together. Seldom in my life have I seen a player with literally no down side. Clearly MVP caliber for years to come.

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