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Dodgers News: LA Rejecting Teams Interested in Gavin Lux

The Dodgers have been receiving trade calls on top-prospect infielder Gavin Lux, but so far they have rebuffed those teams, according to Jon Heyman.

It is no surprise teams are trying to get Lux from the Dodgers. The 22 year-old is a consensus top-10 prospect who has already shown some promise at the highest level.

Originally drafted 20th overall in the 2016 draft, Lux started to break out in 2018 while he was in Single-A advanced before getting promoted to Double-A. He continued his ascension through the minors and prospect rankings in 2019 before debuting in September.

He did end up struggling a bit during his very brief time at the major league level — he hit .240/.305/.400 line in 82 plate appearances — but no one should put much stock into a September debut.

Lux ended up making his way onto the postseason roster, and while he only had 10 at-bats, he did homer in his first.

Even with the Dodgers connected to all the big names on the trade market, it would be very shocking to see Lux traded at any point this off-season. Knowing how President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman operates, Lux is likely going to be a Dodger for a while—and that’s probably a good thing.

Blake Williams

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  1. Stating the obvious
    If Lux is not available for a trade there will be no big name FA infielder being signed. Basically no Rendon or Lindor.

    1. Lux has the makings of a superstar. When he stepped to the plate and hit the line drive up the middle his first MLB at bat; you could tell. He hit what was given him. Great decision to make him untouchable.

  2. I have no issue with holding on to our prospects because all of our needs can be fulfilled using money. Sign Cole/Strasburg and a reliever like Dillion Betances or Blake Treinen. Just do it or else what was the reason for being under the threshold? If they don’t sign anyone then it was obvious what the only reason was

    1. Cole or Stras would be very important to a post season run, but they will not sign a short term contract. Teams will over pay and sign them into their mid 30s. Friedman doesn’t do that. Signing a BP arm is really the one guarantee I can see happening this winter.

  3. The team keeps presenting it as a “we have to hold onto prospects” situation. That’s not a problem. They just need to spend some money, which oddly enough, seems more precious to them than prospects. That’s the problem. With 4 million seats filled and $8 billion in TV revenue, they don’t have to burn prospects to improve. They just have to spend some money.

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