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Dodgers Injury Update: Corey Seager Doing One-Handed Fielding Drills

It has now been 10 days since the Dodgers lost Corey Seager. The reigning World Series MVP broke a bone in his hand when he was hit by a pitch in the series against the Marlins. Considering how many guys were already down with an injury, it was a huge blow to the lineup. 

The estimated timetable for Seager’s return is anywhere from 6-8 weeks depending on how he heals. The good news is that the Dodgers did later announce that surgery would not be required. They also confirmed it was a broken metacarpal bone, apparently the best-case scenario. 

Ahead of Tuesday’s matchup with the Astros, Dave Roberts gave a small update on Seager. The All-Star shortstop is back in Los Angeles staying ready as best he can, and doing all of his drills with one hand. 

He’s just at home in Los Angeles doing a lot of conditioning things, taking one-handed grounders, one-handed swings, so now we’re just doing whatever we can to keep his legs under him. The core still engaged and strong, so when it does heal the fracture then he can kind of get going again. 

The Dodgers have been okay without Seager in the lineup, but they’re obviously better when he’s healthy. Gavin Lux has really emerged with the bat over the last 2 weeks and has played solid defense at shortstop, which makes his loss a little easier to handle. 

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But based on the timeline, Seager will probably need a rehab assignment when he is ready to go. That would put him back with the Dodgers sometime in mid-July. It could be sooner, it could be later. But he WILL be back. 

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  1. Lux has better range than Seager. As Lux has received more time at SS he has settled down defensively and offensively.
    As Seager’s defensive metrics are below average, gets injured every year, and is looking for a huge contract with his agent Boras I think Seager will not be a Dodger in 2022. Although there will probably be a long strike in 2022 and who knows what the new labor agreement will be as to Team budget caps.

    1. Lux has better range than Seager??? Not sure what you’re watching but Lux is terrible at ss and has an erratic throwing arm. He can’t go to his backhand either. Lux is in there because he can hit. Seager may not be a Dodger next year but when healthy is one of the leagues top offensive producers. Also, let’s not forget how he single handily hit the Dodgers to a World Series Championship.

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