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Dodgers: Austin Barnes Revealed What He Did With the Ball From the Final Out of the World Series

The Dodgers won their first World Series title since 1988 this past week, and fans could not be more excited. As Julio Urias punched out the final Rays batter, his catcher Austin Barnes ran to the mound to embrace him while the rest of the team came in to join the dogpile.

That led a lot of Dodgers fans to wonder what happened with the ball from the final out. Luckily, Austin Barnes made an appearance with the Petros and Money show on am570 to talk about that final moment, and what he did to protect the historic ball. 

I just wanted to keep it safe obviously. Things get pretty wild in those little dogpiles. I just put it in my pocket and it’s definitely safe though, it’s for sure a piece of history. I’m from Riverside obviously, as everybody knows. And I know how much the Dodgers mean to Southern California. People have been waiting a long, long time for this and I’m happy that we finally gave it to them. 

Barnes can be seen immediately shoving the ball into his pocket on the final out, something that we see often in the World Series. The fact that players are conscious enough to know how important that ball is in the heat of the moment is incredible. But the ball that ended the Dodgers 32 year championship drought is pretty special. 

The funny thing is that Barnes never really addresses where the ball is. Does he get to keep the ball since he held onto it for the final out? Or does it go straight to Cooperstown? We’ll have to wait and find out on that one. 

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  1. Did anyone else notice how all of a sudden the Rays batters were just watching pitches down the middle and not swinging?

    1. Sports are the wwe buddy, doesn’t mean there still isn’t entertainment value and in baseball you never quite know who’s gonna win. Taking Snell out was to create conversation for years and to aggravate people

    2. Yes. Please definitely saw that and the list ghr was completely out in the eyes of the Ray’s that entire inning. They were all nly down by 2 runs and they gave up???? Hmm… Just not right!

    3. yep,. they were frozen, they didn’t even swing, they wouldn’t of hit it if they tried, those pitches might of looked right down the middle but urias had them so discombobulated it wasn’t even funny.

  2. Agree thought the same thing. Maybe they were guessing for a different location and were tied up.The pitches were perfect middle inside at the knees! Urias and Mookie should have shared the MVP with Seager!

    1. Mookie was timely, but he was not MVP worthy. Urias and Kershaw were, since Stager did most of his damage during the NLCS.

      I was hoping that we had a big enough lead that Kershaw could have gotten the final e outs. That would have been an emphatic end to the chocker label.

      To the post above saying why were the Rays taking pitches, very simply they were overmatched by him.

      Next season is Kershaw, Buehler, Price, May and Urias, with Gonsolin spot starting. There is not a better rotation in the majors. As for the pen, jettison Baez and pick up Hand.

  3. I must admit that last year I was really down on Barnes. Was very timid and lost when batting. Heard that maybe Mookie worked with him this year. He looked more aggressive and he had some nice hits during the playoffs. More importantly though was that he was rock solid behind the plate and called some really good games. I think his experience behind the plate really helped our pitchers- especially the new kids. My hats off to Austin and looking forward to you having a great 2021. Enjoy your ring. You deserved it.

  4. You can add Barnes as well 4 wins in his starts and what a job in game handling 7 pitchers and only 1 run

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