Dodgers: Breaking Down the Rest of the Season Schedule for LA and SF

With Sunday’s loss to San Francisco, the Giants won the season series 10-9 and seized sole possession of first place in the NL West. The Dodgers just haven’t bee able to take care of business when given the opportunity. 

Now with no more regular season meetings left between the two ball clubs, the Dodgers are going to have to rely on some help from other teams around the league if they still hope to win the division. Of course that would also take a lot of effort on their part as well, but the way the rest of the schedule is laid out for both teams, that may be easier said than done. 

LA’s Remaining Schedule 

The Dodgers leave San Francisco and head to St. Louis for a four game series against the Cardinals. Dodgers fans know all too well how tough they like to play against the Boys in Blue. It doesn’t get much easier after as they’ll play 16 games against teams over .500 compared to 9 against teams below .500. 

  • 4 against the cardinals  (>.500)
  • 6 against the padres    (>.500)
  • 6 against the d backs (<.500)
  • 3 against the reds (>.500) 
  • 3 against the rockies  (<.500)
  • 3 against the brewers (>.500)

The Dodgers had trouble against teams over .500 early on this season but have bounced back recently. Still it’s a very steep hill they’ll have to climb, especially since most of those games are against NL Central teams. The Reds, Braves, and Cardinals (barely) all have records above .500 and the Dodgers have not been great against Central teams with a 13-10 record. The Brewers have been solid this year and are first in the NL Central while the Reds are still fighting for the second Wild Card spot. Neither team will just roll over for the Dodgers. 

Then there is the Padres who are most likely out of the division title race, yet they hold the second Wild Card spot and will do everything they can to maintain their position in hopes of October baseball.

SF’s Remaining Schedule

While the Dodgers will have their work cut out for them, the Giants will have a little breathing room. They will only have to face above .500 teams 13 more times while playing below .500 teams 12 more times. 

  • 6 against the rockies (<.500)
  • 3 against the cubs (<.500)
  • 10 against the padres (>.500)
  • 3 against the Braves (>.500)
  • 3 against the d backs (<.500)

The good news is that the Giants will have to play the Braves who swept them the last time they faced off as well as the Padres who have been very tough on them all year. However, they will have the ability to offset any losses with easy series against the Rockies, Diamondbacks, and Cubs. 

Final Thoughts 

With 25 games left in the season, both teams will be neck and neck to the finish line. The Dodgers have all the pieces they need to overcome their more difficult schedule, they just need to squeeze what they can out of them. There’s no room for any more slumps, losing streaks, or huge injuries. Anymore loss of ground could keep them from winning the division and throw them into a winner take all game against the Padres. 

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  1. While I am unhappy with where we are….STILL….with all the freakin injuries we’ve had this year…. to be above 500 is a great job by our Front Office and at times, Dave Roberts….

    Hey Dave, how bout T.Turner in CF Beli to bench and Lux to second….nah….then we might win the Division…

    1. Lux? no thx. Beatty is the only OF that can hit. (Hide) Play him in LF and CT3 play center. Trea is good enough at 2nd

      1. For one thing, Dodgers might have a bit more flexibility if Roberts didn’t have to have 16 pitchers on his roster while that leaves us with only 12 position players. forcing Bellinger to be in starting lineup more than he deserves at this time. Again, Cody looks so lost at the dish it’s not funny.

  2. Roberts needs to start playing manager and put some bunt and run, hit and run fly ball line drive hits when they have runners at third base with less than 2 outs…trying to hit the HR every at bat is not gonna win games….quit playing the shift when runner is one first…the other teams are always getting hits when the Dodgers do..much better hitters on the opponent teams.. also never never powers those softball uniforms again….

    1. Right about now I kind of wish DJ Peters was still with Dodgers. Take note of how he’s doing for Texas, with a chance to play regularly. Admittedly he’s in a non pressure low leverage situation with the Rangers.

    2. We’re in the home stretch and just dropped two to SF. LA lost the 1st place slot that was held for what, half a day?

      I agree with the OP, bring Matt Beaty up to play in his place. We need someone in that slot that can manage the field, which Beaty can, and can swing the bat, which at .262 Beaty can.

      This is about results, not effort. September and one game back in the division is results time.

      I don’t care what Beli did two years ago, he needs to go to OKC till he gets his groove back. He needs to EARN his spot like everyone else. He’s dragging the team down with his abysmal plate appearances.

      You can admire Bellinger’s fight back from shoulder surgery all you want, but do it while he’s in OKC. Not while he’s costing LA wins, and possibly a title.

  3. That game Sunday was a sucker punch for Buehler for the Giants to knock him off his Cy Young chances. The Giants and Oracle Park knew Buehler would have problems in the late afternoon shadow which tremendously affected his game. His fast balls never got above 95mph, sliders 85mph, and curves 80mph. If I was Buehler I would have walked off the field till the shadows were gone and I could see clearly. ESPN did not fo him a favor.

  4. After reading the comments, I too am leaning towards siting or even sending Belli down. His defense can be game saving, but his bat, along with the pitchers spot, is basically two outs every run through the line-up. When LA hits the playoffs the pitching is the best in baseball. However, bat consistancy is going to be needed as well. Go BLUE.

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