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Dodgers: Carlos Correa Points Towards 2017 World Series Clean Win and Bellinger Error

There is much to break down of Carlos Correa’s interview with Ken Rosenthal, which was brought to us all early Saturday morning.

In case you missed it, Correa has a response to Cody Bellinger’s comments. In addition, Correa seems to point the World Series loss on the shoulders of Bellinger, saying Houston won it clean in his own eyes. These comments are unbelievable to me, being as objective and fair as I can be as I break them down.

First off, there is a lot here. It’s important to provide as much as we can of what Correa says to give full context to his comments. Let’s start with game two, and what he says about it. The shortstop says in the World Series, you really can’t steal signs. There is ‘morse code’ he alleges.

“Game 2, they’re winning the game, ninth inning Marwin Gonzalez hits a home run off Kenley Jansen, and we end up winning that game. That game was on the road. That’s one game. Game 3, we win 5-3. Yuli (Gurriel) hits a solo homer. Marwin hits a (single) with men on first and second. To all the fans out there, when there is a guy on second, catchers and pitchers they use multiple signs. In the World Series, they don’t use the same multiple signs they do in the regular season. The games are way too important. Those signs can’t be decoded. They’re hard signs. Game 5, one of the best games of all-time. I hit a double with a man on second, that’s one run. Yuli hits a home run with a man on second. Again, multiple signs. Nobody knows what’s coming.”

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Without question, that game five in Houston will die with me in my emotional core. It will never leave. Even more than that of game seven in Los Angeles, which Correa sort of points some of the blame at Bellinger, oddly.

“We go to Game 7. George Springer, leadoff double (in the first inning). Alex Bregman hits a ground ball to Cody Bellinger (at first base). He throws it away. People say pitching and defense win ballgames. We end up winning Game 7 on the road. There was no trash-can on the road, no cheating on the road.”

Finally, Correa says that Bellinger should have ‘done something about it’ rather then talking about it now. I leave the reaction up to you after you read this.

“When I analyze all the games, we earned that championship. We didn’t steal it. Instead of talking about it, he should have done something about it. When you look at the World Series, they left so many guys on base in Game 7, throughout the whole World Series. Cody didn’t have a good World Series (Bellinger went 4-for-28, with all of hits going for extra bases). For him to be talking about us stealing that championship, don’t talk about it. You should not be talking about it. You should have done something about it. When you analyze the games, we won fair and square. We earned that championship.”

Alright Dodgers fans, what do you think? My thoughts would clog up this column pretty badly. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Maybe Vegas should establish a new betting line. I had Altuve pegged as the guy most likely to be beaned most often in 2020. But I think the odds favor Correa now.

    1. Right now there is a futures bet being offered of how many times the Asterisks are going to be hit this year. The over under is set at 83.5. I am definitely participating in this bet, that will be fun!

  2. My thoughts? Correa needs to be beaned the most and I think the players in mlb would agree on that. it’s established they cheated yet he still has a nerve to say what he just said. I’m looking forward to seeing lots of violence towards these guys on the field and hopefully people on the streets make their lives a living nightmare

    1. They cheated to beat the Yankees, and just because you didnt win the games you cheated on at home doesn’t absolve you of the fact that you cheated. So when you cheat nothing is earned fairly. I believe your manhood is now in question.

    2. I am really disappointed in Correa, Altuve, and the rest of the clown brigade that calls themselves Astros. Nolan Ryan, Joe Morgan, Jeff Bagwell, and the rest of the teams TRUE veterans should hold a press conference and condemn their action. They are a disgrace. They don’t have the courage to apologize and quietly get back to being REAL ballplayers and real men.

      1. I actually liked and respected those old Astros teams. They had class acts. The Biggio Bagwell and Lance Berkman teams in somewhat recent memory with Phil Garner as manager I was happy to see those guys finally make it to a World Series in 2005, I even remember the fans being classier then too. Now, from the ownership down to the FO to the players coaches and fans they’re all a disgrace and pieces of sht

    3. SPOT ON, Don. Hey Correa, if ya can read yourself read this…YOU AND YOUR TEAMMATES ARE LIARS, AND CHEATERS and what goes around comes around. Oh and BTW, you guys are also SINNERS

      1. Paul, the lord lives through my soul and I and a group of vigilantes will do gods work

  3. All teams hosting the Astros in 2020 should make sure the visiting clubhouse has no hot water, no towels, no toilet paper, or other essentials. I also suggest placing a few dead and fully ripe skunks inside some lockers. Be creative! Show your support for baseball by supporting anyone opposing the Astros. If Manfred won’t take action, players, stadium personnel, real baseball fans, and everyone else will have to step up. Let’s all do our part to restore the integrity of baseball.

      1. Clint, would one of you guys tell Hairy Nuts, or whatever the hell his name is this is a Dodgers site, not a Hate the President trolling bed for rejected colon surgery rejects…

  4. Seriously arrogant. I hope baseball sees this and sees that they aren’t truly remorseful. You can’t be if you talk like this. I get he has to defend his teammates, but when there is proof and video proof of cheating the Series, come on man.

  5. And don’t forget, during that series in 17, they racially put down Darvish and the media just kept it hush! Bunch of disrespectful punks that need their asses whipped. I hope every stadium this Summer chants ” cheaters,cheaters,liars” every game, every at bat!!! They need to hear it!!!

      1. Weak sh1t to contaminate a sports forum with your hate politics. We were talking about the Astros. They are baseball team based in TX. They are not remotely connected to the anyone in DC or with your personal issues.

        Try to stay focused.

      2. In the State of the Union address I saw President Trump trying to garner votes from the Black community that presently has the lowest unemployment rate in history. You sure are fixated on politics. We want to talk about baseball hear.

        1. A trend that was already starting before he got in nice try. Way to ignore the kkk pandering too. It’s that kind of win at all costs attitude the Astros have

          1. KAGA deal with it. I’ll be voting Trump again this year hopefully by 2024 there will be less illegals at dodger stadium

          2. Please go back under the rock you crawled out from under, Hairy Parasite. We are Dodger fans here, not delusional hate mongers.

      3. WTF are you talking about? Go back to CNN , And cry to your fake bubble hate flunkies……..This is a Dodgers site, if you spout off again about hating our President, and ridiculing me or anyone else, about your stupid racial shit, I’m turning you in to the mods. We have a good group here show us and me respect.

        1. You aren’t going to do anything why don’t you go cry some more about your comments getting removed you baby

        2. Look now poor little Kirk feels ridiculed isn’t that funny apparently challenging your views is ridiculing to you. Sensitive about the truth much snowflake?

  6. Rob Manfred is a gutless coward for not suspending these a-hole cheaters and taking their trophy away. What a disgrace, What they did was worse than Pete Rose IMO, at least he didn’t bet on his team to lose.

    1. I suspect Manfred of mob level corruption; believe he was notified of this in 2017 and let it go or glossed over it. I think it will come out.

        1. Everyone is an idiot sometime or another. Here I thought the outcome of the games weren’t fixed!

  7. More evidence that the Astros just don’t get it! This is your life from now on. You cheated on your fellow players and they are going to hate you from now on! Every achievement you have will be questioned. Please just shut up and take your medicine!

  8. This guy really convinced himself the cheating didnt affect the WS title. Cheating is cheating no way around it. He sounds like a cheating husband trying to tell his wife he didnt cheat because he didnt actually have intercourse.

  9. Why should believe we believe anything Correa, Altuve, Bregman, Springs or any of the A**trod say? Why was the general manager and manager fired? Arrogant people!!

  10. As a Dodger fan I’m willing to concede that the Dodgers did have their opportunities to win the 2017 WS and didnt take advantage of them. If only Correa and others are willing to concede that cheating is cheating and there were games that were NOT played fair and square that resulted in the Astros winning a WS title. I hope the Astros enjoy the scrutiny and hope they lead the majors in hit batsman this year!

  11. Is this what these idiots teach their children? It’s ok to cheat to win? They presumably cheated in 81 home games to make it to the playoffs and every playoff series to make it to the World Series. Doubt they would even be in the World Series if they didn’t cheat to get there. Nice morals, Houston.

    1. Republicans teach their kids that when they praise a president who’s in bed with a criminal like Putin. Since when are we friends with the criminals in Russia

  12. There are plenty of articles out there by legitimate sources like Rosenthal and Verducci that say this was a league wide problem. MLB needs to do investigations on all suspected teams and come clean.

    1. RC, keep in mind that the Dodgers could be one of those teams too. I read an article on BleacherReport that suggest Dodgers also used video to steal signs. Just sayin….

      1. I read that too about the Dodgers could be one of the teams involved. I am fine with them being punished if guilty. I don’t like hypocrisy.

  13. Game 5 in Houston is key. Without cheating, 13 to 12 win for Houston likely becomes loss. In game 6, Dodgers win series 4 – 2.

  14. If Carlos could research and read (or remember), he would know there were 22 bangs while Altuve was at bat. Less than others, but also far shy of the “he never cheated” claim. That’s according to the chart the Astros fan created.

  15. Carlos said Cody couldn’t research or read. If Carlos could research and read (or remember), he would know there were 22 bangs while Altuve was at bat. Less than others, but also far shy of the “he never cheated” claim. That’s according to the chart the Astros fan created.

  16. Maybe If Bellinger was told in advance what pitch was coming he would have had a much better series?

    The commissioner’s report was a joke!! I think it was written by Crane himself and then signed by Manfred. These guys keep pointing to the report like it was the be all end all of everything they did. Sorry, but this doesn’t pass the sniff test. Everything any of these guys do in life from now one will be painted with the “he is a cheater” paintbrush.

    Correa has all but wrapped up the sports jerk of the decade award … the only award he will have won fair & square.

  17. Well I still think the astros stole the series from the Dodgers Mainly because if they. Were cheating at there home games through the season they shouldn’t of even been there. Then for a player to hit the winning homerun then yell at his teammates to not rip his shirt off then run straight into the locker room change his shirt then comme out to celebrate his victory. I’ve never seen that from any player in all the years I’ve been watching baseball over 50 years. It’s cheating in plan site. Only a blind man would call it different.

  18. Ok so I am a die hard, long time Dodger fan. I have a dog named Dodger, and bleed blue. But make no mistake about it, if the Dodgers were caught, I would be mortified!!!! I would think it necessary to punish those responsible!!! ALL RESPONSIBLE!! I just don’t understand how anyone can justify this at all. I think a good comparison is Bill Cosby. I love Bill Cosby. I grew up with him and admired and believed he was a good man. But he did wrong, period. He needs to be held accountable for his actions. I still love him, but my heart is broken. What the Astros fans are doing is like blaming Bill Cosby’s victims for putting themselves in that situation, or the asked for it. Shame on the people who are justifying what happened in any capacity. Shame. On. You.

    1. Oh they were caught? Then what happened? Nothing because it’s fake news. You’re getting annoying

      1. I don’t think Verducci and SI are fake news outlets. MLB wants to contain this and hopes it goes away. Do you really think only the Astros and Red Sox were doing this and happened to win WS? What are those odds? There has been too many legit articles out there. Try looking at this with your brain and not your heart.

          1. I picked those two teams because they were the ones being investigated. Did you read the original article by Rosenthal? He’s the writer that broke the cheating story. He said it’s not a one team issue. MLB had a problem. Did you read Verducci article? They might enlighten you on the subject. MLB will investigate who they want to get this out of the limelight. It’s not good for baseball.

  19. I didn’t mean you I meant mlb what made them choose Houston and Boston as the ones they will make examples out of

    1. My bad. See, I’m not a genius after all. Fiers gave MLB a reason and that led to Cora and the Red Sox. The NYY should be investigated with Beltran’s connection to them before and after Astros. MLB came out and said no investigation of NYY. Please read Kyle Newman article on 1/16/20 about that. Interesting. MLB wants this contained. There are at least 8 other teams.

  20. The Astros cheated the majority of the season. They should never have reached the World Series in the first place! They hurt every player they played against. Now Manfred does nothing to teach these cheaters a lesson? Any Astro who tries to defend their title as clean and fair is truly disgusting!

  21. Even though MLB won’t confirm the buzzers, I believe that the Astros did indeed use them. And they can be used on the road.

  22. It’s been rumored that all teams are relaying signs to batters as well telling them when to swing. This they won’t admit because fans won’t like it, even though it’s not unethical. It’s also rumored that the Dodgers have been doing this for a while.

    If that’s true, then I believe that the Astros were stealing those signs too which explains why Bellinger was struggling during the Series. He seemed downright angry at swinging at pitches that were low and inside.

    Why would a player get angry being that he is to blame for swinging at it? Unless he is not.

    1. It would be very foolish for dodger players to be saying what they’ve been saying if that’s true unless they know for a fact nothing will ever come out on the other teams that cheat

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