Dodgers: Chase Utley Not a Fan of the Changes That Could Be Coming

At this point, it’s essentially a foregone conclusion that something about the game of baseball will change this year. What those changes are, remains to be seen, but fans need to be ready for something new. Former Dodgers infielder Chase Utley knows that, and his traditionalist ways are feeling it. 

The Dodgers fan-favorite called in for an interview with NBC Philadelphia to discuss the possible changes and how he has been handling quarantine retirement. The 41-year-old retired star also told Jim Salisbury that he isn’t too fond of changes that could be coming to MLB. 

I would be open to some change. Now, how much? That really depends on what’s being thrown out there. I’m not really privy to those conversations anymore now that I’m a math teacher.

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Utley calls himself a math teacher now that he spends his time working with his son Ben, tutoring math. Those changes that the former Dodgers’ second baseman is referring to are all things that have been discussed over the last month. That includes moving players to Arizona to get them playing ball isolated from the outside world. Utley thinks that could be incredibly hard on families. 

I think it really all depends on how the players feel, also how involved their families can be. I think the most difficult challenge would be to expect a veteran player who has two kids and expect them not to see their wife or kids for four or five months. I think that would be difficult to do.

Coming from a family man, it is difficult to imagine players jumping at the opportunity to leave their families behind for months. This would hopefully be a short-term solution, but the risk is still high. 

Utley came over to the Dodgers in an August 2015 trade that took him out of Philadelphia. The Los Angeles native instantly became a fan-favorite, and still is even in retirement. 

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