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Dodgers: Chipper Jones Blasts Freddie Freeman For Leaving Atlanta

The way that Freddie Freeman was handled by the Braves will be talked about for a very long time. The face of the franchise for so long, Atlanta went almost completely silent in his free agency bidding. That led to the Dodgers swooping in and bringing him out west. 

Freeman spoke in-depth about that process in his introductory press conference with the Dodgers. He added that he was blindsided by the Braves’ approach and that he fully expected to play in Atlanta for his entire career. 

But one guy does not agree with Freddie and the way that he left Atlanta. Chipper Jones went off on the whole process, saying that Freddie should have taken less money to play for a team that he is comfortable with. But the Dodgers did offer more, and fully communicated with him.

“I do not agree with the way that this was handled on Freddie’s side. If you want to play in Atlanta, you play in Atlanta. You maybe take a little less to be happy and play in a place that is comfortable for you. The second that Freddie told me that he rejected the 5 for $135 [million] after the All-Star break, I told him, ‘You’re playing a very dangerous game. You go out on the free agent market, you get courted by all the pretty girls that are on the block, chances are, you’re not gonna come back. If you take your time waiting on that six-year [deal] into January, [Atlanta] has a job to do.'”

It’s a pretty awful take from Chipper. Freddie said several times how there was little to no communication from the Braves, and it was starting to feel like he just wasn’t wanted there. Compared to how the Dodgers treated him during free agency, the choice should’ve been easy. 

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Why would a player want to play for a team that makes no effort to sign him? Freddie had his choice of teams, as he should, being the player that he is. The Braves also went out and traded for Matt Olson, ending any possibility of bringing him back before he even signed with the Dodgers. 

That’s a tough look Chipper.

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  1. Chipper, did you give the same criticism to Kelley Jansen. Bottom line is they did what they thought was best for themselves. Accept that and move on.

    1. Carlos,
      This is Chipper. Thanks for posting. I’ve accepted it and now I’ve moved on.


    1. The radio station that requested his point of view.

      You should keep in mind that Chipper is like a big brother to him. He is going to have some thoughts. And you should also realize Braves fans want a little light shed on the negotiations. I too was surprised at Chiper’s candor, but he’s hurting from all this as well.

      A better question is why is Freeman saying he was blindsided when his agent gave the Braves an hour to make a decision… that tells me he truely thought he had the Braves by the balls and could command above market value. Braves/anthopolous pivoted. It also begs the questions as to why he thought his market was higher than it was… poor agent work. The whole situation is awkward and the Braves are not the ones coming out looking poorly… Excel/Close do. Freeman looks ignorant at best, dishonest at worst.

  2. Is this article for real? Freeman wanted to be courted. He thought his offers would climb. Braves offered a very fair, very msrket, deal at 140M over 5. There’s nothing else to talk about. Freeman wanted to feel wanted, but the Braves final offer was on the table. Close (Freeman’s agent) gave the Braves an ultimatum (something you don’t approve if you truly want to stay in a place) and the Braves moved on. Freeman clearly wanted to play the FA game, and he did. This sites attempts to make Anthopolous Chipper and the Braves look poorly is insanely transparent and obvious.

    1. Yeah this article is misreading the situation. Oh well. I’m glad to see there’re people commenting on what the writer is failing to understand.

  3. Maybe part of the reason Freeman signed with the Dodgers was to get away from any association with a serial adulterer like Chipper Jones, who had girlfriends in several cities and impregnated one of them. Considering the source, who cares what Chipper Jones thinks about anything?

    1. Lol did you Google that first? Chipper gave back money in a restructure as a 33 year old to allow the Braves to get more free agents. Fans here … lol

  4. One day everyone says the player should get what he can while he can, and the next day some say the player should take less. The MLPA says the owners are greedy and some ex-player says the player should take lees from the Owner. Isn’t it great how some think they know what another should believe his value to be. This is a business and the business of players is to get paid as much as they can. Though I do believe that many a player gets more than their value, but that’s business, but I’d never tell someone to take less, whether worth it or not.

    1. Uh … Chris Taylor. If a good friend offers you $100 for something you have and he wants while a stranger offers you $110, who you selling to?

  5. It’s pretty hilarious reading the point of view of Dodgers fan/writer. This article basically boils down to “The valiant Dodgers rode in on their mighty steed and saved the poor, innocent Freddie Freeman from the evil, inept Atlanta Braves.”

    In reality, it’s pretty clear at this point that Freddie either a) wanted to go to the Dodgers all along (which is understandable since he’s from Southern California, or b) got his feelings hurt and/or let his agent put him in a bad situation.

    The Braves offered him a 5 year deal last season that would make him the highest paid 1B in the game at $27m per year. Freeman rejected it. They ultimately went up on that to $28m per year. He rejected that and instead signed with the Dodgers for $27m per year (which, if I’m correct in my math, is less than what the Braves offered).

    Then Freeman turns around and claims that he was shocked and blindsided and that he wanted to play the rest of his career in Atlanta? And now this Dodgers writer is trying to make Chipper look like the jerk for telling Freddie that if he really wanted to stay in Atlanta then he should just stay? Oh the horror of being offered a 5-year, $140m contract to stay with the team that you supposedly love and want to end your career with.

  6. See, that’s the problem. Your employer is not your good friend, but I’ll go with it.

    If I’m a millionaire, and my good friend is a billionaire, you better believe he’s paying me $110. If he was a good friend, he offered in the first place.

    1. Your employer could be your good friend but let’s not debate that. If you purport that you’re happy and wish to remain until you retire and your employer offers a contract that ensures your great-grandchildren will never have to work a day in their lives but you move on for more, then your claim was disingenuous. More players should just follow Zack Greinke’s lead and say I’m going to whomever offers the most money. I’m a Dodger fan and thrilled they signed FF; this is not an indictment on him specifically but highly paid players in general. I am also a fan of Kenley Jansen but was disappointed when, at the conclusion of last season, he said I want to stay but “it’s out of my hands.” Really? Just stop it.

  7. Fake news. Braves final offer to Freddie was 5yrs for 140 mil or 28 mil/ year. Braves put the offer on the table and told him to make a decision in a certain timeline, when Freddie didn’t decide to take the offer in the alotted time, the Braves moved quickly (within a day) to sign Olsen, and Freddie ended up with an offer of 27mil/ year from the dodgers and with California taxes ends up being much less cheddar. Good for the dodgers, but Freddie blew it and Chipper has a point.

  8. This writer clearly didn’t read the Buster Olney article that detailed exactly what transpired between the two parties.

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