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Dodgers: Braves’ GM Reacts to Freddie Freeman’s Comments

The Dodgers landing Freddie Freeman in free agency has been an interesting series of events. Freddie spoke openly this week about how Atlanta treated him in negotiations, even sort of scoffing at Braves’ General Manager Alex Anthopoulos shedding tears when talking about losing him to Los Angeles. 

Freeman spoke at length about how the Braves failed to communicate with him throughout the entire process. Meanwhile, the Dodgers and Andrew Friedman were constantly checking in to see where he was at. 

Anthopoulos spoke (via The LA Times) about Freeman’s response to his emotions this week, and it sounds like he wants people to know it was genuine. 

“At the end of the day, he’s going to be a Brave forever. It’s a wave of emotions. Just like he said. Everyone’s human. You have a wave of emotions. You’re not human if you don’t have emotion, right?”

Anthopoulos went on to say that it was incredibly sad to be seeing Freeman go. But actions fo speak louder than words, and their silence must have been deafening for Freddie. 

“It’s a sad day, no matter how you slice it up. For our clubhouse, for our fans, for me personally. And that’s being human and that’s just the reality of it. And you can’t be with someone for four years and grow close to them and go through what we’ve been through together and not have emotions.”

The Braves went out and made a big trade for Matt Olson even before Freeman signed with the Dodgers. All indications point to Freeman’s camp having no idea they were going to do that, with Freddie saying himself that he was blindsided by their decision-making. 

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To add more fuel to the fire, Chipper Jones also kind of went after Freddie for not taking less money to stay in Atlanta. It’s an unfortunate situation, and you never want to see a franchise player treated the way that Freddie was on his way out of Atlanta. 

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  1. CJ needs to put a lid on it and mind his own business. So FF should take less money, AND be a doormat to the Braves FO? Get the hell outta here with that nonsense! I wouldn’t give that advice to my favorite all time Dodger “Franchise” players.

    1. Agree!!! I’m not mad about Seager taking that money from the Rangers. I have nothing bad to say. I will hang my Dodgers Seager jersey in my closet next to my all time favorite Dodgers players.

  2. This id a nice one-sided story. Nobody was blindsided. Freddie’s agents gave the Braves an ultimatum contract offer and 1 hour to make a decision. The Braves FO declined. If Freddie was blindsided, it is because his agents didn’t communicate with him. The money he will get from the Dodgers 6 year offer isn’t even that different from Atlanta’s if you factor in taxes and cost of living.

    Freddie and his team don’t want to look like they had their bluff called and look stupid so they are blaming it on the Braves.

  3. If FF really wanted to stay he would have. Seemed like he already had his mind made up about LA so he needs stop playing victim and acting like he was blindsided. I thought I liked him but after seeing his response about AA’s tears I thought what a jerk. Fake acting like he’s hurt. Welcome to Hollywood!

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