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Dodgers: Chris Taylor Returns to the Lineup With Mookie Betts Sitting Again

The Dodgers are physically having a rough first road trip of the season. After dealing with the mayhem of playing at Coors Field, they ran into a few aches and pains in Oakland in the first game against the A’s.

One of the guys that really got hit (literally) was Chris Taylor. CT took a 96 mph fastball off of his elbow and had to come out of the game on Monday. The Dodgers called it a left elbow contusion and he missed the game on Tuesday.

The good news is that Taylor is back in the Dodgers lineup on Wednesday afternoon. He will play center field as Cody Bellinger continues to nurse the calf that was cleated on a play at first base on Monday.

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On the flip side, Mookie Betts is sitting out of the lineup again. Dave Roberts has been adamant about getting guys days off of their feet after playing at Coors Field. But this is the second game that Mookie will rest in just 7 games. 

The Dodgers are going to play it safe after playing just a 60-game season in 2020. Doc has said many times that he thinks going back to 162 games is going to be a grind, so keeping players rested is essential. 

Still, Dodgers fans probably won’t be too happy to see one of their best bats down for the day. 

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