Reliving the Final Out of the Dodgers’ 2020 World Title!

It’s Friday but the smile still hasn’t been wiped from the faces of many Dodgers fans after Tuesday’s World Series win! There were so many memorable moments throughout the series, but each and every moment comes back to one.

The final out.

So for your enjoyment here on this fine day, we bring the final out once again just so we can crack another smile.

How about the entire 9th inning featuring outright dominance from Julio Urias.

All of this most of us have seen already. But if you did a little searching on YouTube, there are some fantastic additional views and angles and celebrations worth a watch. For example, views from Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register, and Jack Harris of the LA Times.


Or a truly cool one, the final out as experienced at the Dodger Stadium World Series Drive-In.

Of course, soon after that final out, the city of Los Angeles erupted with a celebration 32 years in the making. And since then, the Mayor of LA has promised a real celebration at some point in time, and fans have gone on to set records in spending on World Series merch!

Continue soaking it up, Dodgers Nation! THIS IS OUR YEAR!

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  1. 11K didn’t sound bad at all this postseason I must say, pretty loud and the distance made the it look larger

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