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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Calls Out Ignorant Astros’ Owner

Already, you have seen National League MVP Cody Bellinger sound off emphatically about the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal.

Now – it’s time to hear from veteran starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw – especially after the mock apologies have been done on Houston’s end. Remember, the Astros don’t feel like they owe the Dodgers an apology of any sort. Therefore, here is Kershaw’s reaction from Spring Training at Camelback Ranch in Arizona.

First off, it sounds like Kershaw is ready to leave this in the past. However, he feels like Astros’ owner Jim Crane stuck his foot in his mouth somewhat.

“I knew I was going to get asked, and to be honest I don’t know. I don’t know what to think anymore. Some of those guys seemed remorseful and said the right things, that’s great I’ll move on with that. Then you get the owner up there saying some dumb stuff, and it’s like what is going on? How can you be that ignorant to the situation?”

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Next, Kershaw is asked how did what the Astros did affect the Dodgers when they squared off in the 2017 World Series. Notably, Kershaw says it’s just hard to really know.

“It probably had an effect on us [in the 2017 World Series]. Without knowing for sure, you have no idea. Without knowing exact specifics, how can I answer that question?”

Finally, Kershaw sounds like he is at peace moving forward.

“It would be awesome to know every pitch they had info on and what happened, but that isn’t going to happen. So it’s okay, I will move on, I have made peace with it. The other thing is that in this clubhouse, we are all going to handle it differently. I think it’s awesome that everyone will answer these questions differently.”

It’s definitely a sad situation, especially considering that Bellinger and Kershaw may have a World Series ring to their credentials if the Astros just play the game like every other team that gains a World Series berth. However, history had it’s own plans. The reactions should continue to come forth, and hopefully most guys handle it as well as Kershaw seems to be.

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  1. Yes Mookie won’t have same numbers cause they will decrease playing in Dodger stadium.He will just be like Taylor was in 2017 but less hrs.

  2. What do you expect from owners. They think they know anything about the sport of the team they own e.g. Jerry Jones(NFL), Mark Cuban(NBA). Owners just make sure the checks you sign to pay the players are valid and there is money in the bank! Owners, they have their heads up their…!

  3. Good article. Really appreciate how us fans are being kept in the loop by DN. Not sure if I, personally, would be able to handle the situation as well as our Dodger players have. Also wonder if maybe a few Astros (Fiers, Kemp) were quietly shown the door for their disapproval.

  4. Crane will get his as well as anyone who wasn’t punished properly. I have a network of vigilantes on the dark web

    1. There is no way to know if the Dodgers were victimized by Astros cheating schemes. Its certainly possible, but the past is in the past and in today’s society, hatred and entitlement are everywhere. I’d like to see baseball police itself like it always has. A few guys ought to get plunked, take their bases and move on. Let’s play ball people. We have to beat very good teams like the Pads and Dbacks. Hopefully we do exactly that.

  5. Crane was foolish to even try and answer the question. Imagine the litigation if he admitted the scheme affected the outcome of games. He should have shut his mouth and gave the media access to the players.

    What a mess and there’s nothing satisfying that can be done about it.

    Dodger players should consider how they will deal with Betts and Price – should the Sox investigation results be even half as bad as Houston – before lambasting individual players for the ‘stros. Tough spot to find yourself.

  6. Glad to see Kershaw calling him dumb.. Let’s hope Kershaw gets in better shape, gets ticked off, and drives himself into a Nolan Ryan mindset and outworks everyone on the staff which will set a precident and example for the entire staff. If Kershaw resembles anything of 3 years ago, this team will be a force…

  7. I wish Kershaw had issued a stronger condemnation of the whole damn bunch of cheaters, not just the “dumb” owner, who is the most disgusting liar in the game.

  8. Any “PROFESSIONAL ” with any class no matter what sport would want to win or even lose knowing he gave his or her very best .Only to be defeated . even most young adults would want to be honest in competition ,no matter what the out come Pride may be hurt for awhile, then again they would get over it. The ASTROS AND RED SOX obviously are not true Professionals and if they have no remorse about the outcome of the…. WORLD SERIES then I know I never would want them backing me up in a life threatening situation ,How can they feel proud taking away from others teams the hard work the other teams put in to try and get to the WORLD SERIES. only to be DENIED because of CHEATERS regardless of how much .I hope your children are smarter than you when they reach a certain age and tell them it is alright to play without the pertaining to the rules of the game. It is like Pete Rose suspended for gambling , yet Steve Howe can be convicted of DRUG abuse seven times and still stay in the game…..lesson there ….. tell your kids !!!! DO NOT GAMBLE but it is ALRIGH to take HARD drugs like Howe and you have a better chance to stay in the sport …. CHEATERS are no better .Baseball better do something the game has gone downhill SO MUCH…thanks to the drug and now BIG CHEATER ERA .Hope you enjoy your victories over your friends on the other teams ,YOU have there backs right.?

  9. Whether the cheating had any affect is irrelevant. Cheating as a team disqualifies you.
    It was an organization that planned the cheating.

  10. The Dodgers are trying not to put themselves in a hole by saying the wrong things. They’re trying to stay cool but I believe they’re really hot under the collar and are probably thinking and saying other things and something may slip out later to the Media. If the commissioner of Baseball and anyone else involved can’t do anything about it this time they should be thinking about it and making changes for anything this harsh should happen again. I do have an idea but I’d like to get paid for my Ideas. How do I get a hold the commissioner or someone to help introduce this brain storm?

  11. Manfred has botched this cheating scandal from the get-go! Giving blanket immunity to the Astros players demonstrates that he underestimates the damage they did to our GAME! It also shows that they have paid nothing for what they did!!! He has to go so someone with respect for the integrity of the game can be earned by those who lack and show such blatant DISRESPECT!! The owner of the ASTROS has shown that players electronically stealing signs was not damaging to the results of the 2017 season. The Astros achievements of 2017 are a Fraud and need to be withhheld!!!

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