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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Discusses Why He Choose to Re-Sign with LA

Dodgers legend Clayton Kershaw is back in LA, for at least one more season. Kershaw agreed to a one-year deal with LA on Friday. The deal is reportedly worth $22M: $17M in base salary plus $5M in performance incenteives.

Reporters caught up with Kershaw after his workout at Camelback Ranch on Sunday to get his thoughts on his decision to re-sign with the Dodgers. The hurler talked about why turning down the Rangers offer wasn’t easy. His pronoun use also confirmed that it was a family decision. 

“Once I got healthy, it was no secret. We were either going to go play in Texas or stay here. That was a hard phone call – to tell CY [Rangers GM Chris Young]. I’m a good friend of CY and I think the world of him…at the end of the day, I wanted to be here and win a World Series. I think the Dodgers gave me the best chance to do that and I’m excited to be back.”

Kershaw was later asked if the allure of playing his entire career with one team affected his decision at all. The answer, was somewhat surprising. 

“It wasn’t a huge factor in my decision. I think it’s a very awesome thing. You think about the guys that have done that, it doesn’t happen recently as much anymore. I do think that’s a very special thing, but it didn’t play a big role in my decision.”

The three-time Cy Young winner reiterated his lone goal and the main reason he re-signed with the Dodgers instead of the Rangers. 

“Win a World Series.”

Kershaw affirmed that the elbow that sidelined him last year is feeling “100%”  and that he should be ready for Opening Day. 

The 2014 NL MVP finished the 2021 season with a 3.55 ERA in 22 starts. For many pitchers that would be a strong campaign. For Kershaw, his stats, coupled with the devastating elbow injury, resulted in a frustrating year for the southpaw. 

Kershaw hopes to bounce back, and win another World Series in the process.

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