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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Has Two Lofty Goals on Offense in 2021

With a ball in his hand, Clayton Kershaw can be one of the most dominant players in baseball. But the Dodgers southpaw also has a long history of handling the bat decently, even showcasing his power on occasion. 

Kershaw hit a homerun on Opening Day in 2013 while also pitching a shutout. The Dodgers would eventually add on a few more runs and beat the Giants 4-0 that day. And now that the universal DH is out of the league, Kershaw gets the chance to handle the bat again. 

On Opening Day this year, he didn’t bring his best stuff on the mound. But he did lace a few balls for a pair of hits after taking a year away from the batter’s box. The Dodgers ace talked recently about his desire to hit another homerun, but he also wants to accomplish one other thing on offense. 

I found a couple of holes on Opening Day there, but it’s never good when your hitting is better than your pitching. So I had to work on my pitching a little bit there in between starts, but I’m hoping to get one homer this year obviously, but I’m hoping to get one stolen base too. Just so I can at least have 1 in my career, that would be awesome. 

Kershaw doesn’t exactly have what big leaguers might call wheels. Pitchers are still big-league athletes, but he doesn’t move nearly as fast as he might need to in order to steal a base. Still, if the Dodgers can set it up correctly, he can swipe his first bag. 

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The way he’s been swinging early on, the likelihood of a homerun isn’t entirely out of the question. You would think after taking so much time away from seeing Major League pitching that he would have struggled big time. But the Dodgers lefty is here to hit while he can, and this year might be his last opportunity. 

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  1. Pretty good to have those 2 hopes for 2021 since pitchers unfortunately are required to bat this year after a season away from hitting. However, if I am the MLBPA leader I would inform that Manfred that the players will not suit up for a single inning next year without the Universal DH as part of any new CBA.

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