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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw on What David Price Brings to the Team

The Dodgers were in a fortunate position in 2020 where they could survive David Price opting out. Price wanted to protect the health and safety of his family, so he ultimately decided that he would sit things out until the COVID-19 situation got more manageable. 

Despite not necessarily needing Price in their run to the World Series, he was missed. Price obviously brings a level of talent on the field that is not easy to find around baseball. But it might be his clubhouse presence that Los Angeles needed most. 

In a call with Dodgers media on Sunday, Kershaw talked about the addition of Price this season. For him, adding Price doesn’t just add to their talent on the field but also makes a huge difference in the clubhouse as well. 

DP is just a top-tier starter. So to have another guy like that added to a rotation along with Trevor is just amazing. I haven’t gotten to see his bullpens yet but I’ve heard he’s throwing the ball unbelievably…We got to see it a little bit last year but he’s also one of the better clubhouse guys, better teammates in the game. So I think that’s huge to have another guy that can bring people together and help guys out when they need it is a huge asset. 

It has been a long time since David Price was at the top of his game. A series of injuries and setbacks have made it difficult for him to even get through full seasons most years. But with a full healthy year of rest under his belt, the Dodgers could very well get one of the best versions of him in 2021. 

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The Dodgers are projected to have Price in the starting rotation in 2021. Between him, Kershaw, Walker Buehler, and Trevor Bauer, there is just one more spot available in the rotation. Dave Roberts has already said that they will mix guys in and out all year to keep them fresh. 

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  1. David Price can be a dominate pitcher. A years rest and having the cyst removed for over a year has to help him. He has always been a very intelligent pitcher and I am sure he can help mentor some of the young pitchers on the roster and at Spring Training.
    Plus Price has always been a very positive clubhouse guy.
    I am hoping Urias gets the opportunity he has earned in getting a spot in the starting rotation. I feel Urias now that his physical and mechanical issues are resolved will dominate in 2021. Urias is one of those athletes that wants the ball and performs in important games. His incredible pitching in the WS and playoffs is proof.

  2. Let’s be clear. The Dodgers never really wanted Price in the first place. They wanted Betts. The Sox wanted to dump Price’s salary, so they packaged him with Betts, and still ate half his salary. To say we “survived” without Price last year is comical. We didn’t need him last year, and we don’t need him this year. With the addition of Bauer, Price is even more of an obstacle to the development of May and Gonsolin. Trade him. Do the same thing the Sox did with him. Dump salary.

    1. I disagree….yeah, we survived, but we had just two established starters in the postseason. Every other game was a “Bullpen” game and we were fortunate to get thru it. Losing Hill, Ryu and Maeda all at once, while having Price sit out the season made things quite difficult

      1. We lacked an established 3 starter last year to go along with Buehler and Kershaw, which is why AF got Bauer. I just don’t think Price would have fit that role last year, and definitely not this year. He was in a state of decline when the Sox unloaded him. Bauer is at his peak. Three dominant starters is all you need in the postseason. May and Gonsolin didn’t pitch as well in the postseason as they did in the regular season, last year, so some games turned into bullpen games or DR just wanted to go that route. I will agree that bullpen games in the postseason is not what you want to do. You want 3 go to starters that can hang for at least 6 innings and preferably 7. With Bauer, the Dodgers have the best rotation, with or without Price. Urias, May, and Gonsolin all picked up valuable experience last year and need starts in 2021, although Urias or May could both close games better than Jansen, along with at least 3 other guys.

    2. It does make you wonder ehen they are “adding” such a high caliber pitcher in Price why they still went out and overpaid for Bauer. Are they unsure @ Price?

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