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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Believes the Lack of Celebration in 2020 Fuels the Fire to Win Again

The Dodgers winning the World Series in 2020 brought a roller coaster of emotions. Obviously winning a championship for the first time in over 30 years brings plenty of joy to a fanbase. But that fact that it was done in Texas with limited attendance wasn’t quite as satisfying. 

After the World Series win, the fact that they were not able to celebrate their win with fans made it even less satisfying. The Dodgers fought all season long, enduring COVID protocols and daily testing while often being away from their families. They deserved to have a parade and a party to celebrate that massive victory. 

But as we all know, the coronavirus made that impossible in Los Angeles. The Dodgers and Lakers were both forced to put their celebration parades on hold, maybe indefinitely. But with that lack of satisfaction comes a strange motivation to win again. Dave Roberts talked about just that in a media call on Sunday. 

I think Walker articulated it pretty well a few weeks ago on a call. We want to do it again to ultimately enjoy all of the fruits of winning a championship. And I think that understanding what the situation and the climate was last year, we couldn’t…being able to celebrate in a clubhouse ultimately having a parade with our fans, we didn’t get to do that…that’s way down the road, but that’s a dangling carrot. 

The Dodgers might never get to celebrate their 2020 World Series depending on how things go. But from what it sounds like, that has made guys on the team hungry to go back-to-back. If they were able to do that, Los Angeles would be the first team to do so since the Yankees in 2000. 

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That might also help the Dodgers with the dreaded World Series hangover that teams often succumb to. Los Angeles was certainly guilty of that in 2018 after losing to the Astros the year prior. Stay hungry fellas, go get another championship for LA. 

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