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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Shares a Little Known Fact About Rams Matthew Stafford

In case you haven’t heard, Clayton Kershaw and Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford grew up together in Texas. The two star athletes even played on the same football team at Highland Park High School. Stafford, like Kershaw, is well known for his arm talent in his respective sport. Kershaw even revealed that Stafford beat him in a pitching contest in elementary school.

Clayton retold the story on the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday.

“We did track meets in elementary school and instead of the shot put, we did the softball throw. In the softball throw, he just dominated that too. He’s always had a great arm.”

Kershaw also explained why he played offensive line on the gridiron instead of a skill position.

“I played quarterback in fourth, fifth grade and that was it. Then, I started getting a little chunkier and the line was starting to be a little more my calling.”

According to Kershaw, his height, larger frame, and ability to recall the entire playbook were big reasons why he ended up in the trenches.

Kershaw also confirmed that he’ll be in attendance for the Super Bowl this weekend to root for Stafford.

Despite making more than $250M in his MLB career, Kershaw said he’ll be watching Stafford from a seat, not a suite in Sofi Stadium.

The longtime Dodgers pitcher isn’t likely to be rocking a Stafford jersey however. Kershaw is of the opinion that football jerseys are “too tight” when compared to his usual mound attire.

Super Bowl 56 kicks off at 3:00PM PST on Sunday on NBC.

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  1. the Kershaw- Stafford story is great! Let’s have two world champs from Highland Park High School!!!

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