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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw To Be Sidelined Longer Than Anticipated

When news dropped that Clayton Kershaw was heading to the Injured List with an elbow injury, Dodger fans held their breath in hopes the injury wasn’t serious. It turns out the injury wasn’t so serious, instead being some inflammation that would heal over time. Thankfully the All-Star break arrived, which bought the Dodgers some time.

However, that doesn’t mean the team will get their longtime ace back anytime soon as Dave Roberts previously revealed that they will not have Kershaw ramp things back up during the break. Well he was true to his word as Kersh has not played catch with the team and it’s unknown when he will resume activities. 

“Not sure when he’s gonna play catch again but I think – like I said before, we’re gonna take this time to kind of give him a breather. So, he’ll start playing catch here in the next few days and we’ll kind of build him back up. Again this is something that with the soreness, and now taking some time off to build back up for the sprint makes sense, and Clayton’s on board with that.”

This time around, Doc mentioned the move is more to “save some bullets” for the stretch run and the playoffs if the Dodgers are able to continue their current pace. It makes sense with the injury history he has as well as the jump back to a normal 162-game season. Even though the decision does leave the team with only three reliable starters, it’s better to allow Kershaw to nurse himself back to 100%, while saving his arm, rather than let him risk injury again.

David Price is also currently stretching himself out to join Walker Buehler, Julio Urías, and Tony Gonsolin in the rotation. Josiah Gray is also out on a mission to prove he is healthy and ready to contribute as well, so having Kershaw be sidelined for a little longer may not mean the end of the world. Despite his postseason failures, a healthy Kershaw may would go a long way to boosting their chances of defending their title.


  1. Post Season Failures…Yeah, shame how we finished last year…and how did he do vs houston…oh yeah…they cheated him, and wasn’t the third base coach of houston the mgr for Boston when the Dodgers lost in 18?….What a Failure…..Weak reporting….again….

      1. should be 14 -11 era 3.75 cant just say the cheating in game 5 of the world series did not happen.granted these numbers are not great but kershaw really struggled with happens that one team sometimes has the number of a great pitcher.other than st.louis,his post season numbers are good.but yes ,the cardinal games do count.i dont count game 5

  2. as long as he comes back strong this is a good thing, as doc said they planned to give each starter “blows”. Hopefully Ferris and Julio can hang on while we get the other 3 starters healthy by mid-August. So weird how we start the season with 8 legit starters and get down to 3!! The old baseball adage “You can never have enough good pitching” is so true!

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