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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw’s Sarcastic Answer When Asked if the Padres Are Rivals

It’s a question that Dodgers fans have had to deal with for several months now. Because for some reason, everyone in baseball wants the Padres to be a rival with Los Angeles. And while rivalries are typically built up over time, media in particular has been set on making this happen. 

Dodgers players and coaches have given their side over the last couple of months, though none have said anything to discredit the Padres. The general consensus seems to be that while San Diego is a great team, rivalries generally need more history behind them.

Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw just sounds like he’s over the question. In an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show this week, Kersh had a little bit of a sarcastic response when asked if there was a rivalry. 

Sure, yeah if that helps. I mean if that’s what we want to call it. The Padres are really good, they’re a great team. And I think it’s going to come down to the wire in September and you cant leave out the Giants. The Giants are playing really well right now. So between us and those 2 teams, it’s going to be a fun Summer. We’ve got our work cut out for us for sure. 

Again, Kershaw didn’t want to discredit the Padres when answering the question. San Diego has a very good team and there’s a good chance the 3 NL West teams are neck-and-neck all the way down to the last game. But the Dodgers only have 1 true rival. 

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Still, it’s funny to hear Kershaw’s personality come through in the question. You can tell that the Dodgers are tired of being asked about it, and it’s not hard t imagine why. With 12 more games left against the Padres in 2021, it should be a lot of fun. 

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  1. A rivalry? Really? Padres have done nothing to make them a respected team except for a very short season. And look where that got them in the post season. Let’s talk rivalry after 162 games.

  2. A team can only get better by playing the best. I think the Dodgers understand this. So every team wants to play their best when the Dodgers are in town. This is why it is so difficult to win back to back championships. So every team is a rivalry.

  3. Every game should be competitive. Competition doesn’t make rivals. Passion makes a rivalry.

    There is zero passion beyond being competitive when playing the Padres.

  4. The Dodgers/Giants rivalry goes back over one hundred years, when they were both playing in New York. The Dodgers/Padres rivalry can’t be like that historically, because San Diego is a more recent expansion team. The current Padres players have every intention of heating the rivalry up though. Anyone watching the games with the Padres lately should have noticed the emotion from Machado, Tatis, and the rest of their team. It’s personal with them.

  5. The Dodger – Giant rivalry is mostly media based. The young players don’t even know who Bobby Thompson is (or was).

  6. gotta luv all the doyers fans downplaying this. Have you been to or watched any games? Seen and felt the emotions from both side? I have, since about 1998. Guys….its okay, no need to be so defensive and dismissive…its unbecoming. Hilarious but unbecoming.

    1. Exactly! Whatever makes them feel good. Whatever happens – good or bad – they’re always going to find a way to be sarcastic or something and hold everything over they’re heads like they haven’t done anything etc.

      IF SD ever wins the WS, they’re gonna be like, they have 1, we have (this many)…and may even say the Padres cheated.

      Even with the recent Astros series, I’m thinking if Astros win it’s gonna be because they cheated. If Dodgers win, it’s gonna be they can’t win without banging. It’s always a win win situation for them and lose lose for other teams.

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