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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Feeling Good Offensively So Far In Spring Training

If you have seen Cody Bellinger thus far this spring, you may have noticed a few things. First, Bellinger has made adjustments. His stance looks a little bit different than the palm tree, straight up and down player we have come to picture within our subliminal memory.

Second, Bellinger is getting results! Indeed, Bellinger’s last two games have yielded some good crooked numbers in his line within the box score.

For example – Bellinger tallied three hits – including two doubles in yesterday’s game.

Before that, Bellinger collected his first hit of the spring. It was a monster home run to center field. Take a look at the video below to see the replay.

Without question, Bellinger sounds like a player who is swinging with confidence.

“I feel great right now,” Bellinger said. “We’ve got two really good hitting coaches that are going to help us maintain when we feel good and really smart and good at communicating.”

One of those coaches is Dodgers’ hitting strategist Brant Brown.

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In our exclusive interview with Brown, he told us he expected to see 2017 Bellinger make a return. Now, we are starting to see Brown’s statement reasoning come to light.

Moreover, the Dodgers can use a middle of the order masher after coming up short in their pursuit of Bryce Harper. We know that Bellinger has the potential to be that guy. It’s simply a matter of the player reaching his ceiling – and this is the time of year that players put in the work and test out the offseason adjustments made to their mechanics to make that happen. That is the purpose of spring training for young players and veterans alike.

Keep mashing Cody.

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  1. Hopefully Bellinger does return to 2017 form but with fewer K’s. And let’s not forget that he led ALL of MLB as a LH hitter against LHP with 12 HR’s and he very decent .271 BA against them.

    1. I fear Bellinger has set the bar so high for himself in 2017 with the 39?hrs that he will have a difficult time getting close to that mark. Ironically, just a statistical coincidence, his 25 hrs, 76 rbis(in 2018) was the mark set by Kirk Gibson back in 1988 when he won the MVP.

  2. I feel very optimistic about him. He certainly has ALL the tools. Now it’s what’s done between the ears and the approach by the coaches.
    Go Cory! Go Dodgers!

  3. Changed his stance some and is 4 for 9 with 2 doubles and 1 HR. He has been a bright light and could come up big this year. Joc, on the other hand, is 1 for 14 (HR) with 8 bleeping K’s.

      1. At this point I see a set outfield with Bellinger, Pollock and Verdugo. As long as they remain healthy and Verdugo comes through like I think he will. Wish he had more power though. This is a pretty solid lineup except for the black hole behind the plate. Only hope there is a big year from Barnes.

  4. If you’re not genuinely excited about what Bellinger can bring to the Dodgers, you’re a pathetic Giants fan. Go Blue:-)

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